Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Blog Trial!

I am horrible about blogging, and I hope I can continue to post things here.
My focus this year will be on my new blog: home-madehealth.blogspot.com. Here, I will be documenting our journey as we continue to clean out our cupboards and fridge and fill it back up with healthier items. You can read my story and why I am doing this on my new blog. I would love to hear from you! Hopefully you will check it out and find some of the info useful!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Potty Traning can be fun!

When Tyler got a bag of clothes from his cousin, Blake, he was so excited to see the Goofy and Mickey underwear. I told him that he couldn't wear them until he went on the potty. I put him on there, and although he screamed, he went. The funny thing is though, there were also a pair of Lightning McQueen snow boots. He likes those equally as well as the underwear. So, when he goes...the boots go too. It's getting a little tiresome lifting him up and making sure he is comfortable with his boots on, but oh well. I am letting it slide. We just sit and wait for him to do his business and read books and sing songs. Besides sitting on the bathroom floor next to him (this is where he tells me to stay), I am rather enjoying myself.

Maybe the more kids you have, the less you care about accidents and get over the fact that it's not gonna be perfect for a few days. I am surprised I haven't lost my temper and just end up laughing every time he says "No pee-pee carpet Mom!!"

Sunday, August 29, 2010

I Love To Run....thought I'd try it in the dark

Me glowing in the dark before the race

Victoria and I, with tyler in the background.
Jocelyn and I. She was so excited to see me leave the start line.

All of us before I left.

I have always liked running, but never thought I was very good at it. I look back over my life and see how negative self-talk has limited me from so much I could have tried or done, but thought (for one reason or another) that I couldn't ever do it.
In January, I started running more. I found a girl from church who was looking for a running partner and we started to run longer distances on Saturdays. I still remember the first time I ran 10 miles. It was something I never thought I could ever do. When I finished, I cried because I was so proud of myself, yet so upset that it had taken me so long to TRY! Once I did, it was rewarding. I ran my first 10k in April, my first half marathon on May 30th, the day after my 31st birthday, and I ran my second half on Friday night.

It was a moonlight half marathon. All the runners were decorated with glow in the dark "stuff" and the winner of the run was the one who crossed the finish line at midnight. You could start anytime you wanted after 9 pm and there were different groups leaving every 5 minutes. We started up in the canyon by my house and then finished in a huge park in Mapeleton. I didn't finish at midnight, but I did beat my last time.

I couldn't believe that I ran better in the dark, at night, then I do during the day. It was a beautiful run with a full moon. All you could see running through the canyon was the moon and whatever was glowing in the dark. The kids loved watching me leave. It was a really special family thing for us. I am so greatful for a supportive husband and loving children who cheer me on daily. I am so blessed!

Our House

Our house
Our kitchen

The garden we share with our neighbors

Our Deck off the back of the house

I thought I would put a few pictures of the house we are renting in Springville. We love living here because:

we are close to the canyon...just minutes away from the river, parks, and awesome trails

the kids love watching the deer in our yard

we have an entire cul-de-sac basically to ourselves

we have GORGOUS views and kind neighbors

we are more removed than we ever have been, so I am staying home more....

Friday, July 30, 2010


There is a lot that has happened in my life since my last post in January. I would spend days making entries with pictures about everything that has gone on in our lives since then, but I am trying to simplify my life and I don't see how that would help any. We were busy. Looking back on the last six months, I can truly say I can't believe how much was going on. Between weekly weddings, teaching music two days a week, running the girls around to dance, piano, and various other activities, taking care of a toddler, working with the young women at church and all our other responsibilities, there really wasn't much time for much else. I wanted to blog, I wanted to cook more, I wanted to be more crafty and learn new things, I wanted to sit down a read a book, I wanted to be a better mother, I wanted to be a better wife, but then again, I guess I thought there wasn't enough time to do it all because I was stretched so thin.
So, here I am six months later, living in Springville Utah and finally feeling some much needed peace. I quit my job at the school, I passed on most of my scheduled weddings to my aunt, David left his job, we sold our home that we worked soo hard on, and moved. Here we are renting a beautiful home against the Hobble Creek Canyon and David has started his new job as physical therapy director of a triatholon training gym. We miss the beach, our family, and friends, but feel that this is where our family needs to be for now.
I look back at the whirlwind of half-a-year and think, I don't want to be soo busy anymore that I can't take time to be that better person, the better wife the better mother....the better version of myself. I WILL be those things and much more. I am commited to being a better ME. Enjoy my blog as I try to redefine myself and what truly makes me happy, what stretches me and helps me grow, and what brings me daily peace.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What Do You Do On A Rainy Afternoon?

Wednesday and Thursday afternoons are pretty slow around our house, because those are the days I teach music at the elementary school and am usually pretty exhausted after 5 hours of singing, dancing, trying to get 4o kids at a time to be on the right beat with their instrument....and with the rain that started right after school got out...I knew we would be spending this afternoon inside. Here is what we like to do:Jocelyn likes to play with all her purses
Jocelyn likes to count all her purses and make sure she has enough junk for every possibly situation that may occur while we are home. That even includes hiding in a dark room, going through the trash (which she knows she shouldn't do because its gross, and taking thing out to stuff in her purses)
Tyler tries to give himself a snack because I am trying to have a 5 minute break to myself.

Victoria likes to be a couch potato, eat a bag of pita chips (that is what is in the background) and watch lots of t.v. She likes to veg when there is no ballet, tap, jazz, or piano class to go to.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Cory!

Tomorrow is my brother, Cory's birthday. He is in Nigeria right now working on a new project with the Nigerian government/parliment that will help to restructure villages around the country. He is doing amazing things! I miss him....but know that he truly is changing lives. You can see his African travel if you click on the link on the right hand side of my blog, under family, that says Cory. Happy Birthday Bro! I love you and miss you, but am so proud of you.Cory, Jenna, Me and David, Lauren (before she had her baby) and Todd

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