Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Time Goes By Quickly

This last month has been crazy...teaching school two days a week, soccer games (and a wedding) EVERY Saturday, and planning a huge night for the Young Women at church. I did manage to get away with one of my best friends in the whole world, Trina. We have known each other since birth and have grown up together. Celebrating us both turning 30, we decided to get away for a night and head to the Rancho Bernardo Inn. Trina has stayed here several times...and I have only played for weddings here.. It is so lovely, fancy, quiet and quaint all at once. We spent the day at their brand new spa (something I have NEVER done before). I felt spoiled and wonderful all at the same time! We slept in, ate out, relaxed, got a massage (AWESOME!!!!) and swam in a private salt water pool. Thanks David for watching the kids and letting me relax. Boy...I needed that one. I feel like I run on overdrive all the time! Happy Birthday Trina...Thanks for taking me along!