Monday, March 24, 2008

An Easter Egg Hunt with the Hunts!

Yeah for our family of four!

Yeah for eye surgery! (Hopefully with patching it will stay looking this straight)

Yeah for Jocelyn smiling!

David's family got together on Saturday to have a nice dinner and Easter Egg Hunt! It was fun for the girls to swim in Auntie Colleen's pool and decorate eggs with their cousins. The older kids hid the plastic eggs and the little ones got to find them. It was fun for David because he got to see his brother from Utah. It was nice to finally get a family picture of us. It's been a while... What a beautiful day to be in San Diego.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Barefoot at the Beach!

I am quite aware that for my wonderful family and friends who are still shoveling snow and fighting the cold, these pictures might be hard to see and I am truly sensitve to that. But, yes, it's true. Today, I took the girls to the beach for some much needed "free time to play." Although I was still in a sweatshirt, the girls insisted on wearing their swimsuits and jumping in the waves. The icey water made my toes cringe, but the girls didn't seem to mind at all. It truly was a wonderful afternoon and a great way to relax. Even though my body will not be swimsuit ready by summer, my toes can always be beach ready. Today, they were right where they wanted to be..

Monday, March 10, 2008

Fancy Nancy to the Rescue!

So, this past week was hard for me because I love to always be on the go with the girls. With Victoria's eye recovering, she couldn't go to school, the park, dance, or anything! It was good, because I didn't spend money on extra gas and the girls found all the toys they haven't played with in a long time. My sweet Auntie Lea dropped off this present for Victoria with a nice card, and it was a new book! Fancy Nancy is the cutest little girl's book that I have ever read to my girls! The fancy words are so fun and now the girls talk about "fuchsia" and "parfaits." I highly recommend this to anyone with a sweet little girl at home. has a great selection for really cheap. Thank you Fancy Nancy for bringing a little "fancy" excitement and glamour to our glum week.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Tori's Eye Surgery

Yesterday, Victoria had her third eye surgery. This was the first one with her new doctor, Dr. Bansal, who David and I really like and feel very good about. Her surgery was scheduled for 1:50 yesterday afternoon, but didn't actually start until 2:45. Poor girl was starvin!
David and I were amazed at how brave she was. When the nurse came to get her and we had to say good bye, she didn't even cry. She said she was going to try to be brave. I lost it of course, as soon as she left, realizing what a special girl she is and how lucky I am to be her mother. The anesthesiologist even gave her little stuffed lions sleeping masks too.
Her surgery lasted one hour and it took her over an hour to wake up. Dr. Bansal removed old scar tissue from the past two surgeries, cut and rearranged the muscles from the top of the eye and the inside of the eye. She loosened the one on top, and actually cut some of the muscle attached to the inside of her eye. She said it couldn't have gone better. She has small stitches that will heal and her eye will take about two weeks to make it's correct placement. We just hope this will be the last of surgeries, or at least the second to last. Although it doesn't change what she can not see due to her optic nerve defect, cosmetically, we hope this will help her eye at least look straight now.
Today, her eye is very sore and weeping tears and blood, but she is so brave. I just get teary-eyed thinking about her strength. She slept well with Tylenol(Codeine added)
We're in for a very quiet week, away from school, dance, parks, and anything else that could irritate her eye!
After my mom's surgery, David's mom's surgery, and now Victoria's surgery, we really see the hand of the Lord and feel how He has blessed us. We're so grateful for the priesthood and it's amazing power.