Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Our Trip To Kona:

The girls loved walking out an seeing the smaller airplane that took us to Kona
Shaved Ice is always a must when in Hawaii

Jenna and Tyler on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving with my parent's friends overlooking Captain Cook's island. (Yes that is the ocean in the background)
My parents at Thanksgiving with Victoria and my niece, Ela

Eating at Bubba Gump's

The girls learned the hula

David and I did baptisms for the dead at the Kona temple. It is really small, but very beautiful

Every beach had such different sand. This beach was not sand at all, just pure shells. It was amazing.

Victoria getting ready to snorkel. She snorkeled with David every day. She would put her hand around his neck and he would swim her all over the ocean.

Jocelyn chillin in the pool.

Waikaloa Beach! The shoreline was breathtaking!
I finally found malasadas. It is the best little Hawaiian dounut filled with cream I've ever had! This made my trip.
Walking through an underground lava tube. It was made from lava a long time ago.

Checking out the volcano
Rainbow Falls
My brother Todd, Lauren and Ela
My brother Cory, with the girls
Our family after church, My mom made the matching outfits for the kids
Tyler eating sand
The girls were so excited to finally get to Hawaii
The view of the ocean (that we kayaked across)from Captain Cook's monument
Tyler passed out in the kayak. He is soaking wet and
The girls loved riding in the kayaks
Just finishing kayaking in the Pacific Ocean
David and I went with our kids and my family to Kona, Hawaii for the week of Thanksgiving. Hence why I haven't written in so long. It takes forever to pack for everyone and then recover when you get back, plus I was really sick before we left. We went with my parents, my brother Todd and his wife Lauren and their daughter, my brother Cory, and my sister Jenna. Hawaii is a very different place. There is so much contrast between the black lava rock and lush green landscapse. It is very dramatic to look at. The beaches all have different sand and the views are amazing. We had such a wonderful time, and are all trying to adjust to life back home in Vista! Traveling with three kids wasn't easy, but I know we made memories that the girls will remember for a long time. Victoria overcame her fears and became an avid snorkeler with her dad. Jocelyn learned to be strong even when the waves knocked her down. Tyler learned that eating sand does in fact make you constipated (soo sick!) and I learned that I can relax even with three kids!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

FREE Snapfish Photobook

Normally during the day, I really don't have enough time to sit down and watch a full t.v. show, but sometimes catch a few minutes here and there while I am feeding the baby. Yesterday, I turned on Oprah for the first 15 minutes and loved it because it was all about organizing your home and getting rid of clutter. They were suggesting that you take digital pictures of your kids artwork and put them in photobooks, like on Snapfish. I got really excited because this is what I already do each year, but the cool thing is that they are offering a free Snapfish photobook (one per address) until tomorrow night. So if you already have some digital pictures uploaded and have time to make a book, it's a great value, saving over 30 dollars:

Friday, November 7, 2008

Time To Be Strong

I just finished reading the article on about the protest at the Los Angeles Temple yesterday. I couldn't believe how many people (over 5000) turned up to protest the passing of proposition 8. On the page of the article, click on the photos in the middle of the page to see the hate that surrounded Santa Monica Blvd and the horrible signs that were posted....many against Mormons. I guess the Mormon religion is the main target for the protests, because the church raised the most money for the support of Proposition 8 and it's members make up 2% of California's population.
Click here to read about the protest at the temple and see the pictures from the protest.
Click here to read the statement from the LDS church about the protest.
It's really sad we've come to this. This is a time to be strong.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I Got Tagged

Sorry Trina this took me so long. This is a cool tag. You need to post the 4th picture in your 4th folder on your computer. This picture (like Melissa's) comes from 2004. We were celebrating 4th of July at Bringle Terrace Park in Vista. There was live music and a lot of David's family was there. We got to lay down and watch the fireworks go off right over our heads. It really was cool to be that close. I miss those days when my girls were that small because they weren't as sassy. ...I remember taking this picture like it was yesterday.

I tag: Tracy Badger, Allison Weening, Jessica Johnson, Jessica Hansen, and Brit Papa

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Victoria as Dorothy
Tyler as the scarecrow
Jocelyn as the witch
My Wizard of Oz gang

David with his parents and Tyler at our Trunck-or-Treat

David and I (we really need some good costume ideas)

My sister-in-law, Lauren and I
Our family
David's sister Colleen and Tyler

So, for Halloween our ward did a trunk-or-treat which was great. There was an awesome turnout and the girls got plenty of candy. Afterwards, Victoria and Jocelyn still wanted to knock on someones door, so David and I took them to Shadowridge to David's sister's neighborhood and they had a blast with their cousins. They got so much was crazy. Victoria has already had two pulpotomies (baby root canals) so David and I really don't let candy, fruit snacks, soda, and other junk food stay for long in our we knew we needed to do something about all the candy from Halloween. So, for the second year, the Candy Fairy came to our home. The girls got to pick out 15 pieces and put in a bag with their name on it. They left out all their other candy. In the morning they were so excited to see no HUGE bags of candy, just wrappers left from the fairy (and no we didn't eat it all...I actually just took the girls wrappers out of the trash) the new Tinkerbell movie to share and each girl got a plastic dinosaur....weird I know, but they really like those plastic animals. So, it was a great Halloween...and we are excited for Thanksgiving (which we will be celebrating in Kona Hawaii this year......can't wait)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Family Home Evening

If we move, I will miss this mantle. It has so much personality and is so fun to decorate.
My Mom with Victoria and Jocelyn on our front porch after they carved their pumpkins.
Jocelyn with her pumpkin (which does have a heart shaped nose) and her "Indian" mask she made.
My sister Jenna and I. She is 15 and a freshman in High School. Do we look alike? I'm trying to figure that out.

The girls and I after our pumpkins are all carved and it's time for bed.

Tyler is sitting up! Scary thought since he will be five months on the 30th.

David and Tori carving a pumpkin for Tyler.

My Mom and sister with the girls.
I love this baby.....
My kids....Cute, Crazy, Constant, Colorful and Creative.

Last night, I had my parents and sister over for dinner. They have really helped me out with the kids a lot lately, so I wanted to make a nice dinner and carve our pumpkins. I made THIS health yummy dinner from one of my favorite websites with a salad and really good salsa from Frazier Farms and then we frosted sugar cookies and carved pumpkins. I love the fall time, just wish it wasn't so HOT here.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Once A Boy Scout....Always a Boy Scout

David has just finished the Wood Badge Boy Scout Training (a total of 6 days and four nights). It was hard to have him gone, but totally worth it to him and for his calling as Scout Commitee Chair. I think he enjoyed it more than he is telling me because he knows how stressed I was while he was gone. Here are the top five reasons you know your husband had an AWESOME time at Scout Trainig Camp:

5. He came home and ironed his own scout shirt.

4. He's wants to buy one of these and that.

3. He sang us the entire Oh My Darling Clementine with a southern drawl. (What a strange song with strange lyrics).

4. Our opening song for Family Home Evening last night was Battle Hymn of the Republic, requested by David (the girls love the chorus which he already taught them at bedtime the other evening).

Drumroll please.........

And the number 1 reason you know your husband had an awesome time at camp:

1. He's already planning his next level of Scout Training (and yes it is more overnighters). YiPee!

I love you David and do support you in your calling. I just think you had more fun then you want me to know. I'm glad you got to go and learn so much!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Keep Breathing!

This song that is playing right now is Keep Breathing by Ingrid Michaelson. It really describes my life right now. I know that no matter what is going on, I can get through it...just keep breathing. David left for Scout Training today and wont be home until late Saturday night and I am trying to take care of my kids, get my program ready for Sunday and just function on little sleep because Tyler loves me so much that he wants to be with me ALL night long. These pictures were taken at a baby shower I went to last night. (Thanks Julie!) When I saw them this morning and looked at my beautiful baby, I realized that it is all worth it: the stress, the no sleep, the struggles with getting three kids ready each morning, the crying, the fights with the's all worth it.

Here are two "star" quotes I found that I will be using on Sunday for our Evening With The Stars" Young Women in Excellence Program. Like a star I hope to be:

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