Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I Love This Girl!

"I dig my Dad" Onesie!
OK, when I made my last post I failed to mention that David's sister, Elizabeth gave me an entire duffel bag of baby clothes, mostly 3 months to a year! I was just thinking about the 0-3 month sizes, that I didn't mention this women's incredible generosity and I want her to know how much I appreciate her. She had her third boy last year and Blake just turned 1, so she shared all her clothes with us and she knows how to dress boys right. She even bought me a whole bag of darling clothes from the Pumpkin Patch! I feel really lucky and grateful for her. It was fun to go through all the clothes and sort them by size. Here are a few of my favorites. I love you Liz and you've helped me realize that boy clothes are cute and something to look forward to!
Striped Pumpkin Patch Newborn Hat and Matching Velour Animal Shoes
(Baby will be wearing this home from the hospital)

"Flames" OnesieRace Car Leather Shoes!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Making Room For Baby

It has been fun to turn our guest room into the guest room/nursery. I wanted to use the same colors, black and red, so I was super lucky when I found all this black and white toile/checked bedding on ebay for $15.00, which got me everything for the crib. We moved the bed over and added a cherry wood sleigh crib (a great steal from, which matches my other furniture and David just finished painting my $15.00 changing table (also from burnt red to match the curtains and bedspread. I think it looks really nice and ready for a baby to come and stay. I was even given some new baby clothes from my friend Julie. I think all this baby really needs (besides a new stroller and some other accessories) is a name!


I am sorry that I have not posted in almost a month! Besides dropping my nice camera in a pool and destroying it, life has been crazy and our house has turned into the Hunt hospital. In the last three weeks, David's been on antibiotics two times, Victoria and Jocelyn have both had pink eye, which they needed medication for, I have had the throw-up flu and am now recovering from a horrible throat infection (am going to get my antibiotics right now)! Yucky.....and all I want is to go to Claim Jumper and eat an entire chocolate eclair all by myself. I find the quote on Claim Jumper's website quite true, "Part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you like..." If I was just eating what I liked, maybe life would "taste" better right now. So, heres hoping for next week.....
I also need a pedicure, but guess that will have to wait too.

"Reflections of Christ" Video

If you have five minutes and have not seen this short video on the Savior's life, then please do so. It's probably the most touching film thing I have ever seen about Jesus Christ and the amazing life he led: