Friday, November 30, 2007

Who wears this shade anyway?

So this lovely rainy morning, despite my horrible nausea, I decided to catch up on ironing the bottomless pit of David's shirts. I thought it would nice of me to have a "white" shirt ready for church on Sunday. I told the girls the T.V. was off and they needed to go use there imaginations!

Well.....about ten minutes later I hear Jocelyn in the bathroom saying "Ooohhhhhhhhhh!"

She comes out, looking exactly how she does in the pictures below, and says "I don't look pretty Mommy...I look like doggy lips." It's just the laugh I needed for today! I'm glad she used the whole tube of lipstick, because who wears this shade anyway?

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Peppermint Ice Cream Cake

What doesn't look more beautiful than this for your holiday spread, or well, just to eat by yourself. And besides, it's actually lower in fat! I love Cooking Light's magazine and website for this very reason. There are beautiful recipes and usually no one knows you're saving them a few calories. Enjoy:

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Happy Christmas!

For those of you that haven't been here, this is our home! Many that come to visit say it reminds them of Snow White's cottage. We love it. David did a beautiful job on the lights, Thanks Honey! We are so blessed to be here. We've decided renting isn't bad right now, so we are going to enjoy being here for a while! This picture doesn't quite do the lights justice, but you can at least see them along the ridge line of our steep roof, that David was walking on late last night!

I've Been TAGGED!

The rules: List 6 or 7 facts about yourself, then tag others to do the same!Here are a few things you may or may not know about me!

1. I love to run. Even though I've gained a few pounds this last year, I love being outside and running. Even it that means pushing both my girls in the double jogger around Vista (which I figure weigh now about 90 lbs. together, including the stroller). Now that's I'm pregnant, I can't run as much, but I still get outside with them and we'll walk all over! Someday I'll do a marathon.

2. I HATE paying full price for anything! I love a great bargain. Many of my friends can't stand (or can't find anything in) Ross! Every time I go, without fail I have success. It takes perseverance and dedication and usually involves no kids...that just makes the journey of discovery that more challenging. Burlington Coat Factory is one of my new favorites, but requires hours of endless searching, but the perfect outfit is always there. Anyone up for a bargain day of shopping, let me know, I'm there.

3. I love this certain chocolate cake my mom has made since I was a kid. It's called Sour Milk Cocoa Cake because it has fresh cocoa and buttermilk in it. In high school my friends and I would make this after a party and could almost eat the whole thing our self. Here is the recipe:

In Medium Pan, stir together and bring to a boil:
1 C. water ½ C. oil
3 T. cocoa powder ½ C. butter

Take Off heat and add:
2 C. sugar ½ C. buttermilk
2 C. flour 2 eggs
1 t. baking soda 1 t. vanilla

Beat with mixer and pour in greased 13x9 pan. Bake at 400° for 15-20.
Last five minutes of baking, make the frosting:
Melt on Stove:
1 cube butter
3 T. Cocoa
5 T. milk

Bring to a boil, stirring constantly. Take off stove and beat in one box of powdered sugar.
Frost cake while still hot

4. I love good old movies that either make me cry or touch me somehow, some of my favorites are from my high school days: My Best Friends Wedding, Sleepless in Seattle, Newsies, Swing Kids, and a whole bunch more I can't remember at the moment.

5. My life-long dream is to one day sing, accompanied by a live swing band. Just like in Swing Kids, I want to be up in front of the band who is all in white tuxedos, with a long dress on and hair done in period style and sing! I don't know how it will happen, but it will.

6. David and I were introduced by one of my best friends, Trina, who I've known since birth! She was dating David's roommate, and childhood friend. They were married after we were! It's pretty cool that friends married friends!

7. December is my favorite month of the year! I LOVE everything about Christmas. This is our first year, since we've been married, in a house which makes Christmas and decorating that much more fun. I love all kinds of holiday music, some of my favorites you are listening to on this blog, I love holiday food, holiday giving and sharing, and just the spirit of Christmas. Not to mention, my wedding anniversary on the 18th, Jocelyn's birthday on Christmas Day and Victoria's birthday on December 29th! Happy Christmas everyone.

I tag: Rachel Hazen, Brit Papa, Tracy Badger, Chris Stokes, Brooke Baker and Lindsey Fellars!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Our Thanksgiving Center Pieces: Knock-off Pottery Barn Mayflower baskets!

We did this today for my preschool group. The kids loved this. We spray painted cheap baskets brown and filled them with Oasis. We then glued on fake leaves and added little fake squash and pumpkins. The mayflowers were made by one wodden dowel from Michaels cut in thirds and rectangles cut out of cardstock with slits cut in them that we wove the dowels through!
Super Cute for your table and a great history lesson for your kids Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Fun Holiday Craft To Make With Your Kids

Our little preschool group made these cools shirts. Wherever we go that the girls were them, people ask about them.
So, grab your cheapest dark, solid colored t-shirts. Have your friend with a vinyl printer, print out whatever you want to go on the shirts. The bigger the letters the better (and not to thick either).
Take the vinyl letters and stick really well on the shirt. I did each of the kid's names ahead of time and let them do the shapes. I went over everything with a spatula while each shirt was on a wood cutting board.
Take the shirts outside and lay on grass. Spray with a mixture of bleach and water. When they dry, take the letters off and wash! That's It. The kids loved it!

Why Am I Doing This?

Well here I am, still with no shower today, Jocelyn running around with cake smeared all over her pants, Victoria in the other room wanting help to make her pinecone turkey look like a peacock, trying to talk to a bride about her wedding in 5 years and hoping to get David's lunch made and be out the door to his work in 5 minutes.....
So, what am I doing here...making a blog. I am still not sure why I'm doing this or what it's for or who will even read it, but I guess this is what I've considered the most important thing for the moment.
At least you can enjoy the music and a few pictures and I hope I can continue to figure out how this works!