Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Potty Traning can be fun!

When Tyler got a bag of clothes from his cousin, Blake, he was so excited to see the Goofy and Mickey underwear. I told him that he couldn't wear them until he went on the potty. I put him on there, and although he screamed, he went. The funny thing is though, there were also a pair of Lightning McQueen snow boots. He likes those equally as well as the underwear. So, when he goes...the boots go too. It's getting a little tiresome lifting him up and making sure he is comfortable with his boots on, but oh well. I am letting it slide. We just sit and wait for him to do his business and read books and sing songs. Besides sitting on the bathroom floor next to him (this is where he tells me to stay), I am rather enjoying myself.

Maybe the more kids you have, the less you care about accidents and get over the fact that it's not gonna be perfect for a few days. I am surprised I haven't lost my temper and just end up laughing every time he says "No pee-pee carpet Mom!!"