Saturday, November 7, 2009


So, I know I am cheesy...but watching Lion King with my family was one of the neatest things I have experienced! My parents took my brothers, sister & sis-in-law, kids, husband and I to see the play of Lion King that is showing down in San Diego. David's sister watched Tyler and we went to a 2:00 show and had dinner at Bucca De Beppo afterwards. What an amazing show! Victoria was mesmerized. How the actors portray the animals and the scenery was amazing. It truly was a beautiful stage production and I highly recommend it to anyone who has the chance. It was fun to be with my family and to experience this with them. I forgot how much this story reminds us about family and that we have to stick together. Thanks Mom and was AWESOME!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Kindergarten Visit!

So, on the back of my truck, I have my website listed: Occasionally, I will get a call from someone that saw my address on my truck. A few weeks ago I got an email from a mom who wanted me to come and play for her daughter's kindergarten class for her birthday. Her birthday was Friday, October 30th. I decided it would be a fun birthday surprise for this little girl and a good way to make a little money (I didn't charge her my normal hourly fee of ***.**) I showed up to the school, dressed all fancy, and I felt like a celebrity. This little girl could have asked for a princess to come to her school, but instead her dream was to see a harpist! What a rewarding 30 minutes. All the kids got to touch the harp and I played several Disney selections and ended with my own rendition of"Happy Birthday!"
Some weeks, I get really stressed out trying to write all my lesson plans for teaching music at Victoria's school and worried about the big performance we will have next month (with all 300 children), but it is a an awesome thing to expose these little kids to the power and the magic of learning about notes, instruments, beat, rhythm, and just how to express themselves through a way, other than watching TV, playing video games, getting frustrated and angry or being completely introverted.
When I was teaching one of the Special Ed. classes "Catch a Falling Star" and this little severely autistic boy looked right at me and started to sing, I knew what I was doing at that moment was important. This little boy lives in a world where he can't communicate, he can't sit and experience life the way the other children do, but boy, when I started singing that song, somewhere in his brain, he recognized it and sang the whole thing while having eye contact with me.....that is a first for him in two months! Music is so powerful for children.....My life is crazy and hectic, but I love what I do and I wouldn't trade it for a second. Yes, I am getting paid a little bit every week to be at the school, but I would be there even if I wasn't.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Time Goes By Quickly

This last month has been crazy...teaching school two days a week, soccer games (and a wedding) EVERY Saturday, and planning a huge night for the Young Women at church. I did manage to get away with one of my best friends in the whole world, Trina. We have known each other since birth and have grown up together. Celebrating us both turning 30, we decided to get away for a night and head to the Rancho Bernardo Inn. Trina has stayed here several times...and I have only played for weddings here.. It is so lovely, fancy, quiet and quaint all at once. We spent the day at their brand new spa (something I have NEVER done before). I felt spoiled and wonderful all at the same time! We slept in, ate out, relaxed, got a massage (AWESOME!!!!) and swam in a private salt water pool. Thanks David for watching the kids and letting me relax. Boy...I needed that one. I feel like I run on overdrive all the time! Happy Birthday Trina...Thanks for taking me along!

Monday, September 28, 2009


This week I have my friend, Julie Stainbrook staying with me again. Even though she moved to Utah in the summer, she still has MANY clients down here and will be coming every six weeks or so to do some photo shoots. Today she took pictures of my little sister Jenna. All I can say is WOW! I can't believe how beautiful they came out! Julie your ability to capture to true beauty in people is amazing, and Jenna, you are BEAUTIFUL. I can't believe you will be 16 next year. You are such a blessing in my life. Thanks for all the babysitting you do for me. I couldn't imagine my life with out you in it. You bring so much joy and happiness to others. love who you are. It shows in all you do......Just look at yourself in these's nice to see a beautiful daughter of God who is confident with who she is and isn't afraid to be herself. I love you Jenna!
You can see all of my sister's sneak peak at:

Saturday, September 19, 2009

I suck at blogging

Victoria's first day of first grade at her new school (I started here in first grade also)
Jocelyn ALWAYS finds time to dress up, put on makeup (even when I say no), and always has a purse packed with junk...she is our little pack rat.(she really does take stuff from the trash)
Tyler is obsessed with four things: cupcakes, animals, cars and balls.
Notice the pizza sauce smeared in his hair. After this picture, he climbed ON the table and was throwing pieces of his pizza everywhere.

I always say I am going to get better at blogging, and then it just doesn't happen. Life is hectic and crazy as usual and I just added more choas by adding a part time job teaching music at Tori's school. I teach k-2nd grade music ten hours a week at Monte Vista Elementary. I am really excited, just stressed as I try to make up lesson plans and activities for all the different grades, plus four special ed classes. There are curriculum guidelines I have to follow and the principal wants a full winter performance in December before the break. Notice I say "Winter;" Songs about snowmen, jack frost, snowflakes...all the things that San Diego children see LOTS of (yeah right). No Jingle Bells, Silent Night, Away in the Manger.....actually I don't think I can even sing songs with the word "ghost" or "witch" in it at Halloween. It's pretty sad, but nevertheless, I still have a big performance to come up with. So with that, a church calling, both the girls in soccer, Tori's piano lessons and three dance classes a week, Jocelyn's dance, watching my niece on Monday's and weddings on the weekend, the Hunts are a busy group. Tyler is a full time job in itself. Here he is, doing what he does best: eating and making a mess. I can't keep up with this boy. His overhand throw is just getting stronger (especially with strawberries across the kitchen) and his purposeful attempts to pull the girls hair and hit them with things until they cry just baffles me....Hope we can all hang in there! Maybe one day I'll learn to take it easy....but probably not!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cheap Books!

I LOVE Free Stuff! These books aren't free, but pretty close. I am buying some now to save as Christmas presents for the girls:
Go HERE to BARGAIN BOOKS for the juvenile fiction sale.
Use this code to hopefully get your free shipping: BKLVFREE

Artisan Bread

Why Go To Panera? I love to make bread, but usually just do my same recipe, which takes about three hours of "love" to make. My uncle has been telling me that I should try his bread recipe. I finally tried it, because if he could do it, I knew it must be a piece of cake....or bread for that matter. Here's what you do:

In a bowl, add:

3 cups flour

1/4 tsp yeast

1 1/4 tsp salt

1 1/2 cup water

Mix and put in covered bowl for 8-10 hrs

Pre heat pan and lid to 475 (pot roast)

Roll dough in flour on counter

Cook 30 min covered

Cook 5-10 uncovered until brown then cool on rack

Here's what I did differently: I added cornmeal to the bottom of the bread and because I wasn't sure what kind of pot to use, I made a water bath to put in the bottom of my oven (fill a 13x9 pan with a few cups of water to heat up with the oven. It will create steam, just like the lid on the pot will do). I just used a non-stick cookie sheet to put the bread on. Also, I didn't cook it long enough, so it didn't get super crunchy on the outside and was a tad bit doughy on the inside, but everyone said they liked it this way. We served it with fresh tomatoes and basil on it. Yum and it it beats the cost of buying a loaf at Panera.


(Picture Courtesy of Julie's great when a photographer stays at your get awesome pics. every day)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Peanut Butter Fun

Tyler has been really sick the last few days and today he was really fussy. We decided to spend the day at home. I was trying to think of something fun to do...something new. I got online and found a recipe for peanut butter playdough. It was so much fun. The kids were eating, shaping, eating some more, and cutting it with cookie cutters! It didn't make a mess and wasn't sticky. Tyler loved it to. It got us through the morning instead of watching T.V. and got them through to lunch!


3.5 Cups Peanut Butter
4 Cups Powdered Sugar
A few drizzles of honey until it's smooth. Stir and enjoy!
Keep wrapped when not using.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Boys will be Boys!

So yesterday we had no power all day. It was a good lesson for the girls to learn. No power means no T.V., no radio, no homemade bread we were planning on making (and no blow dryer for mommy)... We had dinner at my parents and when we came home at 8:00 pm, it was finally back on. The trucks from the electric company were still there working on the power lines. (we were one of the few lucky houses whose power came back early...the other 250 people were still out of luck). I got home (David was still at the community college helping with sport's physicals for the fall) and unloaded the kids and all my stuff from the day. Once I was finally inside, I realized that Tyler was not in with the girls. I panicked because I REALLY couldn't find him anywhere. I ran outside and sure enough he was still standing by my truck (at least 5 minutes later). He was fascinated by the big work trucks and the bright lights set up across the street. I picked him up and he kept pointing at the big trucks and grunting. He didn't want to leave. We stood there for a few minutes more, and I realized that it really doesn't take much to make him happy. Boys are so less complicated than girls. It's such a refreshing change from the girls fighting over dress up clothes and crying because they can't have MORE lip gloss on before bed. Don't get me wrong... I LOVE my girls, but I also love the change of pace that little boys bring. Yeah, Tyler's crazy and has learned how to pull the girls hair, hit people with his plastic hammer, and throw strawberries overhand across the room, but he also likes to stand and look at electric trucks. It was nice to share that simple moment with a 14 month old. I need to have (and ENJOY) more moments like this....

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fun In The Sun

The last few weeks have been a blast but have flown by so quickly. I love summer, because all of our family who we don't see much during the year, comes out and we get to PLAY! David's sister, Elizabeth (and her three boys) was here for the last two weeks from Colorado. WE swam, played at the beach, shopped, hung out, and just enjoyed the time with her. Here are some highlights of her time here:

Liz and I at the Moonlight Amphitheater in Vista watching 42nd Street.

David's Sister, Colleen, his mother, Liz and Me.

Victoria and Jocelyn with their cousin Nathan at the Vista Pioneer Day Celebration.

Tyler running around at the beach. He has finally left my lap and started playing. He loves SAND

Tyler....What else can I say....He is the sweetest boy I know. I just love him

Victoria finally lost her tooth. It was a long 7 days of crying and whining before it came out

Victoria loved playing with her cousins at the beach. She misses them already

Jocelyn loving the beach!

Tyler and his cousin Blake at a family party! These are the two youngest Hunt grandkids!

David and his sister, Liz and all our kids. What a fun few weeks we had with them here!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Crazy Summer Life, but feeling GREAT!

So, here I am again. I can't believe it has been so long since I have posted anything. I really don't even have any pictures to share. David was out of town last week for a conference and will be leaving again on Thursday for another work weekend. The kids and I have been swimming, going to the beach, trying to keep the house from looking utterly chaotic, and just trying to enjoy summer.

I have enjoyed not having to get Victoria ready for school every day and just having lazy mornings.

Last week, I actually did a 6 day cleanse. I followed a schedule with organic fruits and unsweetened juices, carrot soup, liquid cholophyl (its basically plant juice), aloe vera juice, and a few other things. It really was a great experience, hard, but really good. I learned a lot about myself and how my life has seemed to revolve around food. During the week, I actually lost all cravings for anything and feel really alert. I don't remember a time never EVER having a craving for chocolate or sugar...this must be a first!

Yesterday was my first day actually chewing something again. It is nice to have so much energy and feel so good.

And now I am really trying to eat natural foods (whole wheat flour, agave necatar instead of syrup and sugar and whole grains) and make snacks for my kids that are not junk and processed. I found this really great website with really good snack ideas. What a great idea! I love her slogan: Tips and Tricks for Hungry Chicks! Enjoy.

Also, if any of you are like me and LOVE peanut butter, but wish it wasn't filled with junk and didn't have so many calories, this one is for you. I think I will go to Trader Joes and try it tomorrow. They even sell a chocolate one!:

Hope you are having a wonderful day!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Day Thirty

Taste of Tuesday:

Tonight I had all the young women over from church to my house and we had a going away party for my friend, Julie who is moving to Utah. She is a teacher for a group of the girls. It was a surprise, and she really was surprised. I had all the girls bring a treat to share that started with the letter "J". We had 18 different things: J cupcakes, jam cookies, juicy lemon bars, junior mints, juice, jam and bread, jicima and jicima dip. I made this Jello Pudding Chocolate Cake! It was amazing and you didn't even need to eat it with ice cream! It was fun to have a party with a letter themed food table. I was proud of the girls for being so creative!
You can find the recipe HERE:

Monday, June 29, 2009

Day Twenty Nine

Monday's Miracle:

So, I missed yesterdays post. I was totally going to write about Jocelyn's adorable talk in Primary and our nice dinner at my parent's house celebrating Father's Day with them, and then I didn't. This time I have a great excuse. I actually slipped and fell at my parent's house on the hardwood floors, while holding Tyler, and banged up my elbow and sliced my big toe open. It is really painful and I can't put any pressure on it. It really sucks, but at least I fell on my elbows and protected my baby. It could have been really bad if I landed on him, or he fell and hit is head. So, I am grateful for that, but it still is a bummer to be in this much pain for just one toe. I cut through the whole calloused part of my toe. David had to clean it out last night. It was horrible. Guess no gym for me this week.....

So for today, I just wanted to post a sweet picture that Jocelyn drew for me. It says I love you Mom. She did her "M's" upside down and the "O" at the end instead of the middle. She knows how to write "MOM" but she likes to do her letters in her own just have to get her to decode it for you. BUT it proves that even our most challenging child really does love us. I found this picture today while going through stacks of papers all over my house. It almost made me cry, just because we have been going through a pretty rough patch with her and both David and I have really been struggling on how to help her. She doesn't like that she is not the oldest, and that she doesn't get all the attention that Tyler gets. I realized, after I saw this picture today, that Jocelyn does love her Mommy, even if I am mean and not fair. I love her too, and know that we can get through this! Hope your Monday was wonderful!

I just opened her dance pictures. She really does look sweet. I will look at this picture every day to remind me.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Days Twenty Six and Twenty Seven

Friday and Saturday:
The last two days have been CRAZY! The girls had their big dress rehersal and recital for their dance show. Last fall they started dancing at Katharine's Academy of Dance here in Vista. It is a great studio full of wonderful girls and fun moms. Both Victoria and Jocelyn have learned so much this year and are turning into wonderful little dancers. I was not prepared though for the extent of detail Miss Kathie wanted for the recital. Here is an example of all the extras: recital earings, hair piece for Victoria's tap dance, different tights for each dance, new ballet shoes for each girl, nex jazz shoes for Tori, the right shades of eye makeup and lipstick, hairnets, hair pins vs. bobby pins, two different types of buns for different dances, gloves, socks, headbands, attending a seminar to learn how to do the hair and makeup, and paying for extra dance classes for the DADDY/DAUGHTER dance. The dance with Victoria's class and all the Dad's was amazing and made me cry! The two months of rehersals paid off and their Hercules dance was a hit! WE ALL made it through and it turned out to be an AMAZING show!

Jocelyn ready to do her tap number to: The Little Duece Coupe
Victoria with her FAKE curls (which she loves) for her tap dance.

David and Victoria waiting to go on stage for their Daddy Daughter Hercules Dance.