Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Free Mother's Day Card from Hallmark.

You can go to www.slickdeals.net and under Tuesday, April 28, a few posts down click on the link that says free card. You have to have (or make) a Hallmark account and then use the code from slickdeals to get your free card at checkout.
I love free stuff!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Easter!

Tyler in his cute vest from Auntie Liz!
The Kids outside our house
Tyler and I
David and the girls
It was so wonderful to celebrate our first holiday in our home. We really enjoyed it. Back in August, when we first made the offer on this house, I didn't think Easter would be our first holiday here....Here we are, with so much work done, and yet a whole 1/2 acre of weeds outside our windows and it's April. I think our hard work has paid off. It is a nice feeling to want to be home and not go anywhere else. Victoria, for the longest time, did not like this house and said it was ugly. Now she says, Can we just go home Mommy?" It is true music to my ears. I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tyler's Flowbee Haircut

So, I have realized there are so many differences with having a boy vs. girls. One of the bigger ones for me is that boys need a boy haircut. With the girls, I just let their hair grow and barely cut it when they were small. With Tyler, I realize I can't do that. I didn't want to pay for a haircut and didn't want to do it myself...I don't trust myself that much. So, I decided to have my Dad, Tyler's Papa, but it with his Flowbee machine. Some of you may be wondering about this. Well in the early 90's, my dad bought a Flowbee, which is a long tube that connects to your vacuum, or central vac system and has cutting tools on the end of it to cut hair. I remember being young watching my dad cut his hair with this strange thing for the first time. We laughed and laughed. To this day, my dad still uses the Flowbee system to cut his hair. I didn't know if Tyler would do it, because it is loud and well just looks weird, but he didn't make a peep and I think he actually liked it. If you want to check it out, the website is http://www.flowbee.com/.