Thursday, January 24, 2008

What would life be like without Jocelyn?

For those of you that know Jocelyn, you know that she is a crazy little thing, full of the most unimaginable amounts of energy. Now that she is three, it's like she 's left the toddler stage and is really a little girl. Despite all the tears and frustration over the last few years, I look at her now and almost long for the days of her physco baby behavior back because she always made my day more colorful, but I am truly embracing Jocelyn as a happy cheerful spunky and confident three year old. Time really does fly. Here is what she is up to now...scootors and gymnastics. P.S. David and I are both glad that helmets were invented.


Elizabeth said...

What a cutie! Can't believe how big she has gotten already! it seems like forever since we have seen you all....Miss you terribly! Give Tori and Jocie hugs from us! Blake too is growing up way too fast! Almost a year old now!

J said...

oh she is such a QT. i love the pick of tori cute!