Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Magic is over for now!

It was a sad day for the girls and I as we said goodbye to Disneyland for now! Victoria has been going since she was 2. I have taken the girls up there at least once a month, since Jocelyn was a baby and we have had so much fun. Victoria didn't quite understand when I said, "We're letting our passes expire." She wasn't sure what changed and why she can't go to Disneyland now whenever she wants. She believes this is truly the place where all her dreams can come true! How
do you break that one to a 5 year old?
I guess it's time for a little reality
check. I can't believe I am e
ntering the next little chapter of my life,baby #3 and having my
oldest in kindergarten!
Enjoy these pictures from our last trip. It truly was a wonderful day that we will never forget.....maybe we'll get passes again next year.


Allison Weenig said...

The happiest place on earth! It's waaaaaaaaaayyyyyy too hard to go with three. Believe me, I tried when my kids were little. Enough to kill you!

Hazen5 said...

We let ours expire too! It was a sad day. But, it does get too hard when they start school. But, you can always skip it during the week and also skip the crowds.

Mike and Amie said...

What a beautiful day! I'm so happy that you girls have been able to enjoy Disneyland together so often. Baby brother will enjoy it soon enough. But listen girls, I can promise that having a brother will be a grand adventure!
Prince Henry is the luckiest little baby in the Hunt Kingdom! Your home is truly where "all your dreams really do come true!"
I love you Leanna. Remember, everything has it's season! And seasons do come around again!!
Miss you!

Elizabeth & Scott said...

Be grateful you are so close to go! ;) Our boys are dying to go, whenever they see the commercials here..in Colorful Colorado! ;) Maybe we will get out there this spring! # 3 is quite the adventure in itself! You might need Magic Mountain by yourself for fun! :)hahahahah
luv u

justbeyou said...

Cute pictures!!!Are we going to see any belly photos soon?? Maybe some of you doing yoga....

love ya!!

Brooke said...

Love that song by the way!

Marcie said...

That's impressive that you would make it there once a month when it's not super close. I must agree that you (we) will be embarking on a new kind of adventure soon. Now you can look forward to all going to Dland as a family eventually!