Tuesday, May 27, 2008

No Baby Yet....but I'm Happy for many reasons......

A much needed pedicue and heel treatment
I finally got my eclair from Claim Jumper (and I could only eat half of it)!

Happy Mother's Day Mommy! I got breakfast in bed!
I love my Mom! Now we both have dark hair!
Happy Birthday David! (David, his mother and three of his four sisters, Colleen from Vista (up above), Marissa from Escondido (on right), and Elizabeth visiting from Colorado, (on left) at Famous Dave's last night for dinner.
David and I eating BBQ at Famous Dave's.

Waiting to have Mother's Day dinner at Ruby's Diner at the end of the Oceanside Pier

Tori's soccer game. She finally scored her first goal (and she kicked a girl in the stomach really hard with a soccer ball, but we're trying to forget that one!)
Goodbye long hair Mommy! Now I can do it myself all summer long! Yeah!
Jocelyn's First Haircut with Meghan Hanks!

Today, I am 38 weeks prenant and very ready to have this baby. Sunday through Monday I had contractions for a solid 24 hours and was sure I was on my way and then Monday night, last night, they just stopped. I couldn't believe it! What a nightmare....I guess my body is slowly getting ready and I have yet to learn the virtue of patience. I am so sorry that I have not posted earlier and to those of you that have asked why, I guess it's because I have been so busy trying to finish up on so many things before this baby comes. When he does, I just want to sit at home for a few weeks and do nothing. So....here are some highlights from the last few weeks:

Mother's Day Dinner at Rubies Diner on the Oceanside Pier

Short Summer Haircuts for both the girls

Hair Darkening for Me

A nice baby shower put on by David's sister, from Colorado with women from my ward/young womens

Saturday Soccer Games

An Eclair at Claim Jumper!

A clean house and drop off to D.I.


A pedicure

(I figure at least when I'm pushing out this baby, I can have nice looking toes!)


Jason and Trina said...

I love it! I love your hair and the girls hair. I'm going to chop mine next week. Takes too long to dry with a new baby. I'm so excited to see baby Henry!! Patience is good, but I know how you feel. You're done. Call us! We'll be anxiously awaiting your call!

AK said...

Hey Aunt Leanna!Its Alison I figure I've been a lurker long enough haha. I think this blog is great, its fun watching my cousins grow (and a new one too). Cant wait to see you when we all get together for Michael, woohoo he'll be so excited to see all of you! Luv ya

Anonymous said...

I hope it's ANY day now!!!

Mike and Amie said...

It is so fun to see you! You are gorgeous! Love the hair! And the toes!!
I miss you sister! Can't wait to meet your new little man. See you soon!