Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Our Family of Five

Happy Father's Day David. Victoria picked out this shirt for him.
My parents with Tyler. My dad was really sick, so he didn't get to see the baby until last week.
His first day at the beach.
Jocelyn is so excited to be outside playing in the sand
Sweet Baby
There's a little smile.
I love my new Bob double stroller and it even fits at the mall.
I love it when Tyler sleeps with his hands like this.
Victoria ready for her dance recital.

So things have been busy the last week with Father's Day and Victoria's dance recital and just trying to get everything done like laundry, cooking (now that the dinners have stopped coming in), cleaning, helping brides plan the music for their weddings, and just trying to function on little sleep. It amazes me that I forgot how much work a baby really is, especially when I'm tired. But, we are so in love with Tyler and he has brought us so much joy. The girls still can't get enough of him and we are all realizing what an adjustment a new baby is, but how worth it and how rewarding.


kjehansen said...

He is so sweet. It has been fun to hange out with you guys. You look great!! Thanks again for the clothes.

queenieweenie said...

What a cute little boy. He is so precious. I can't believe how old Victoria looks! They grow up so fast.

Alice said...

CUTE LITTLE BABY! Cute family!!!!

Mike and Amie said...

Tyler is amazing Leanna! And Victoria's eyes look so gorgeous!! Your girls are so pretty! The kid were talking about Victoria's house the other day. "We like Victoria's house Mom. It is so fun!"
We look forward to beach days and lots of play time!
See you soon!
PS Did you get your Birthday present? It should have arrived on your and Tylers Birthday.

Elizabeth said...

Love the pics! Tyler is growing so fast already!!! We miss him and wish we could be with you more! See you in a few weeks!

Gavin and Shawna McEwan said...

Hey leanna-
your dad looks so is he?! Ok- and your cute little ones. You guys are so cute.

Lady P said...

Congratulations to all of you on a darling new family member!

I found your blog through Melissa's - so neat to see what you are up to, having babies and all that. I just set up a blog myself! Check it out at

Beautiful family, Leanna!
Amanda (Hoyny) Pruett

Jason and Trina said...

Tyler is so dang cute! I can't wait to hold him! Him and Ryan are going to have so much fun together so soon! I know you're tired and exhausted but it will get better. I kept thinking that and it did help, and it did get better. Ryan's starting to roll over this week and is holding things now and playing with little toys. It goes so fast, as you know, so enjoy the phase when he's so tiny. I did with Ryan, but I'm still sad that's gone already. Looking forward to seeing you soon!!