Saturday, August 16, 2008


Even Tyler was having fun.
New Airplane Ride
Tori and Jocelyn with Auntie Jenna
Tori on the horse ride (she's getting to big for it...)
Jocelyn was so happy
My sister with her Apple Fries....Yummy!
Many of you local San Diegans may know this, but I just learned about it from a friend this summer. The last hour of each day that Legoland is open, it is free to the public...including parking. For the summer hours, it is 7-8 pm. You can get to the parking gate around 6:50 and then when the parking people leave you drive right in. I took my sister with me, because David was gone, and we really took the girls on 10 rides. I am not joking! We were running though....but the girls had an absolute blast and it didn't cost a thing (except for gas of course). Well, my sister HAD to buy apple fries....... It was really worth it and we will be doing it again this next week! Maybe we'll see you there...for those of you that live close....for those of you that don't, remember that when you come to visit!


Jen R. said...

That's so cool! I've actually never been to legoland. Maybe we'll have to go next summer when our baby is a little older!

Raadgep Fam said...

WOW that looks like it was alot of fun, Go you for running, I bet the girls slept great that night! I cant believe how much your sister has grown up wow!

kjehansen said...

Such cute pictures! He is changing so much already!

Elizabeth said...

so fun! Tyler is sooo dang cute! I was so happy we got to see you, even for a few hours! love you! give the girls kisses!