Sunday, September 21, 2008

Family Weddings

My brother Cory with Jocelyn
My mom Joy with Victoria (and no I didn't have to play the aunt did!)
My cousin Jake, and his new wife Lindsey
Tyler just waking up in the stroller
Tyler and I at the beach for the ring ceremony

This summer David and I were part of four family weddings. David's sister Carolee, his niece Alexis, my cousin Jesseca and, yesterday my cousin Jacob. It was so neat to be in the temple with many of my family members for the special event. His new wife Lindsey is beautiful, kind, generous and they are a great match. Every time I am in the San Diego temple for a wedding, I am reminded of the day that David and I got married, almost nine years ago. Be brought all our kids down and my sister, Jenna watched them outside. It is neat for the girls to be at the temple. They loved seeing all the brides in their beautiful dresses. I didn't take any pictures outside the temple, but here are a few pictures from the ring ceremony and reception, which was right on the edge of the sand in Oceanside. I feel really lucky to live so close to the beach.

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