Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Easter!

Tyler in his cute vest from Auntie Liz!
The Kids outside our house
Tyler and I
David and the girls
It was so wonderful to celebrate our first holiday in our home. We really enjoyed it. Back in August, when we first made the offer on this house, I didn't think Easter would be our first holiday here....Here we are, with so much work done, and yet a whole 1/2 acre of weeds outside our windows and it's April. I think our hard work has paid off. It is a nice feeling to want to be home and not go anywhere else. Victoria, for the longest time, did not like this house and said it was ugly. Now she says, Can we just go home Mommy?" It is true music to my ears. I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter.


Mike and Amie said...

Thank you for sharing your Easter Magic with us! You are an inspiration to me Leanna! The children are beautiful and you look so happy in the picture with your lil Henry! You are beautiful as always!
Jake saw the pictures and said, "there's Tori!" It warms my heart to know that our kids still know each other! We look forward to seeing you next year! Enjoy your home and family! We love you!

Makenna said...

I wish we had a house! The army just wont let us be anywhere longer then a year. The house looks great! Enjoy it!

queenieweenie said...

I'm so glad Victoria has warmed up to her "home".

You are all so gorgeous!

Marcus said...

ADORABLE family pics! I am STILL laughing and trying to catch my breath about your dad and Tyler and the FLOWBEE! I totally remember that thing! Never known anyone who has used it--AWESOME! You guys need to come back and hang at the beach with us this summer!