Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fun In The Sun

The last few weeks have been a blast but have flown by so quickly. I love summer, because all of our family who we don't see much during the year, comes out and we get to PLAY! David's sister, Elizabeth (and her three boys) was here for the last two weeks from Colorado. WE swam, played at the beach, shopped, hung out, and just enjoyed the time with her. Here are some highlights of her time here:

Liz and I at the Moonlight Amphitheater in Vista watching 42nd Street.

David's Sister, Colleen, his mother, Liz and Me.

Victoria and Jocelyn with their cousin Nathan at the Vista Pioneer Day Celebration.

Tyler running around at the beach. He has finally left my lap and started playing. He loves SAND

Tyler....What else can I say....He is the sweetest boy I know. I just love him

Victoria finally lost her tooth. It was a long 7 days of crying and whining before it came out

Victoria loved playing with her cousins at the beach. She misses them already

Jocelyn loving the beach!

Tyler and his cousin Blake at a family party! These are the two youngest Hunt grandkids!

David and his sister, Liz and all our kids. What a fun few weeks we had with them here!


queenieweenie said...

Looks like you're having a fabulous summer!!!

Jess said...

Looks like so much fun! I so need to come visit you guys out there. Our little men haven't even met eachother. It's been way too long.

Elizabeth said...

What a great time we had!!! Can't wait until next time too! :) I still love that pic of the big HT at the beach! He is so dang cute..:)The boys miss your kids already too...