Saturday, September 19, 2009

I suck at blogging

Victoria's first day of first grade at her new school (I started here in first grade also)
Jocelyn ALWAYS finds time to dress up, put on makeup (even when I say no), and always has a purse packed with junk...she is our little pack rat.(she really does take stuff from the trash)
Tyler is obsessed with four things: cupcakes, animals, cars and balls.
Notice the pizza sauce smeared in his hair. After this picture, he climbed ON the table and was throwing pieces of his pizza everywhere.

I always say I am going to get better at blogging, and then it just doesn't happen. Life is hectic and crazy as usual and I just added more choas by adding a part time job teaching music at Tori's school. I teach k-2nd grade music ten hours a week at Monte Vista Elementary. I am really excited, just stressed as I try to make up lesson plans and activities for all the different grades, plus four special ed classes. There are curriculum guidelines I have to follow and the principal wants a full winter performance in December before the break. Notice I say "Winter;" Songs about snowmen, jack frost, snowflakes...all the things that San Diego children see LOTS of (yeah right). No Jingle Bells, Silent Night, Away in the Manger.....actually I don't think I can even sing songs with the word "ghost" or "witch" in it at Halloween. It's pretty sad, but nevertheless, I still have a big performance to come up with. So with that, a church calling, both the girls in soccer, Tori's piano lessons and three dance classes a week, Jocelyn's dance, watching my niece on Monday's and weddings on the weekend, the Hunts are a busy group. Tyler is a full time job in itself. Here he is, doing what he does best: eating and making a mess. I can't keep up with this boy. His overhand throw is just getting stronger (especially with strawberries across the kitchen) and his purposeful attempts to pull the girls hair and hit them with things until they cry just baffles me....Hope we can all hang in there! Maybe one day I'll learn to take it easy....but probably not!


Sarah said...

:) Wow, Leanna! That is one full schedule! And, that's just boys for you. FULL of insane energy, go go go go go! But the good thing is that they are hard first, easy later. Once they are in sports (or so I hear. I.can't.WAIT. for L to be in sports!) or another regulated group activity, it truly wears them our and calms them down a bit!

Julie Isa said...

hang in there, it gets better and you'll look back at these days and wonder...where did those days go {sigh}? Tyler needs to come hang out here with Gavin and Nolan, he'd be in heaven! Bats, balls, trucks, bumps, bruises and blood...a boys heaven and a mom's nightmare!

Fellars Family said...

You are amazing! My mom taught preschool music for over 15 years and has several winter programs that they did. Let me know if you want me to send them your way.

Cassie Anne said...

I think your good at blogging :)

The Badger family said...

For as long as I have known you, you have never been one to take it easy. You are always on the go. I don't think you would know what to do with yourself if you didn't keep yourself this busy. I love the pictures of Tyler. Welcome to the world of a boy. I hope all is well. Miss you.

Marcie said...

Holy Moly! Congratulations on your teaching job, and how cute that your kids will go to your Elementary school. Good luck with everything, take breaks for yourself, and remember that you are a wonderful person! :)