Saturday, November 7, 2009


So, I know I am cheesy...but watching Lion King with my family was one of the neatest things I have experienced! My parents took my brothers, sister & sis-in-law, kids, husband and I to see the play of Lion King that is showing down in San Diego. David's sister watched Tyler and we went to a 2:00 show and had dinner at Bucca De Beppo afterwards. What an amazing show! Victoria was mesmerized. How the actors portray the animals and the scenery was amazing. It truly was a beautiful stage production and I highly recommend it to anyone who has the chance. It was fun to be with my family and to experience this with them. I forgot how much this story reminds us about family and that we have to stick together. Thanks Mom and was AWESOME!

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Jack Attack said...

I LOVE that show! Aaron took me on opening night for my birthday. I could watch that over and over again. want to go?