Friday, July 30, 2010


There is a lot that has happened in my life since my last post in January. I would spend days making entries with pictures about everything that has gone on in our lives since then, but I am trying to simplify my life and I don't see how that would help any. We were busy. Looking back on the last six months, I can truly say I can't believe how much was going on. Between weekly weddings, teaching music two days a week, running the girls around to dance, piano, and various other activities, taking care of a toddler, working with the young women at church and all our other responsibilities, there really wasn't much time for much else. I wanted to blog, I wanted to cook more, I wanted to be more crafty and learn new things, I wanted to sit down a read a book, I wanted to be a better mother, I wanted to be a better wife, but then again, I guess I thought there wasn't enough time to do it all because I was stretched so thin.
So, here I am six months later, living in Springville Utah and finally feeling some much needed peace. I quit my job at the school, I passed on most of my scheduled weddings to my aunt, David left his job, we sold our home that we worked soo hard on, and moved. Here we are renting a beautiful home against the Hobble Creek Canyon and David has started his new job as physical therapy director of a triatholon training gym. We miss the beach, our family, and friends, but feel that this is where our family needs to be for now.
I look back at the whirlwind of half-a-year and think, I don't want to be soo busy anymore that I can't take time to be that better person, the better wife the better mother....the better version of myself. I WILL be those things and much more. I am commited to being a better ME. Enjoy my blog as I try to redefine myself and what truly makes me happy, what stretches me and helps me grow, and what brings me daily peace.


Mike and Amie said...

I love you LeeLee. It is good to hear you write. I can feel your new found peace. May you dwell in the now and see the Lord's hand ever clearer in your daily doings.
You are so good. I miss you sister friend.

Kaci said...

I'm so glad to hear that you guys are doing great in your new location! And I'm even more glad to find you blog!! Good luck with everything you are amazing!

Danna said...

It is amazing the peace that comes when you move. You would not think that it would with how busy and stressful it can be. But some of my sweetest peaceful moments are right after we move. Enjoy!

Trent and Sarah Chapman said...

Amie White said it best! Sorry we didn't get to say goodbye when you left. I admire your willingness to pick up and move to a different phase of your life and I am anxious to hear how it is all panning out.

Are you by Jessica Hansen?

I've been updating my blog finally as well too.

flexMD said...

I'm so proud of you. I think the world would love us wife/mother types to be stretched thin and suddenly what is really truly important takes the back burner and we are burnt out! haha! If I have learned anything from my dad: keep it simple. say no. and take time to rest. I think the spanish have it right with slow meals that you SIT for and SIESTA. I wish you all the best here in UTarh. It really is a great place.. PLUS I'm so excited you'll be closer! xoxo

Betty said...

Hi, Lee! Your blog was next to mine and I so enjoyed reading it. You & David are truly blessed to have the courage to be able to rearrange your lifestyle to a more pleasing one. My son & family live in Jackson Hole, Wyo and they are all great athletes. It must be the clean air. LOL! So thanks!

Anonymous said...

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