Sunday, August 29, 2010

I Love To Run....thought I'd try it in the dark

Me glowing in the dark before the race

Victoria and I, with tyler in the background.
Jocelyn and I. She was so excited to see me leave the start line.

All of us before I left.

I have always liked running, but never thought I was very good at it. I look back over my life and see how negative self-talk has limited me from so much I could have tried or done, but thought (for one reason or another) that I couldn't ever do it.
In January, I started running more. I found a girl from church who was looking for a running partner and we started to run longer distances on Saturdays. I still remember the first time I ran 10 miles. It was something I never thought I could ever do. When I finished, I cried because I was so proud of myself, yet so upset that it had taken me so long to TRY! Once I did, it was rewarding. I ran my first 10k in April, my first half marathon on May 30th, the day after my 31st birthday, and I ran my second half on Friday night.

It was a moonlight half marathon. All the runners were decorated with glow in the dark "stuff" and the winner of the run was the one who crossed the finish line at midnight. You could start anytime you wanted after 9 pm and there were different groups leaving every 5 minutes. We started up in the canyon by my house and then finished in a huge park in Mapeleton. I didn't finish at midnight, but I did beat my last time.

I couldn't believe that I ran better in the dark, at night, then I do during the day. It was a beautiful run with a full moon. All you could see running through the canyon was the moon and whatever was glowing in the dark. The kids loved watching me leave. It was a really special family thing for us. I am so greatful for a supportive husband and loving children who cheer me on daily. I am so blessed!


Mike and Amie said...

You made me cry ... I love you Leanna! I have had a phrase running through my head of late. " I can do hard things" You are proving that to yourself on many levels in your life right now and you are an inspiration to me my dear dear friend. Love and Hugs!

Elizabeth said...

Awesome job Leanna!! What an accomplishment and you make me want to try it too! What an inspiration you are to SO many ways!! love ya!

Anonymous said...

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