Monday, March 24, 2008

An Easter Egg Hunt with the Hunts!

Yeah for our family of four!

Yeah for eye surgery! (Hopefully with patching it will stay looking this straight)

Yeah for Jocelyn smiling!

David's family got together on Saturday to have a nice dinner and Easter Egg Hunt! It was fun for the girls to swim in Auntie Colleen's pool and decorate eggs with their cousins. The older kids hid the plastic eggs and the little ones got to find them. It was fun for David because he got to see his brother from Utah. It was nice to finally get a family picture of us. It's been a while... What a beautiful day to be in San Diego.


Marcie said...

Glad you had a happy Easter. The pics are so cute and you look great!

Mike and Amie said...

I sure love you LeeLee and Dave! I catch myself calling our little Leah by your nickname. It makes me feel so happy to think of you. You look beautiful and David looks so proud! I'm so glad you had a Happy Easter. Tori's eyes look amazing too!
We love and miss you. Hey! Mike will be in San Diego with me for a couple of weeks in Aug. He needs to get to "the track" with Dave! They close the tracks here for 8 months out of the year! (for Winter!)
Give Dave the heads up for me. Mike's gonna ned some play time with "the boys". Have a super day!

Matt, Kris & Allie said...

I love blogs...w/o them I wouldn't have known you are prego. :)

Congrats! I'm assuming by your family description that you want it to be a surprise?!?!

Hazen5 said...

looks like you had a great Easter! It was fun visiting with you today!

Allison Weenig said...

Yeah for really cute pregnant pictures!

Rochelle said...

Oh my gosh! I found your blog (on a random click)! I guess late-night blog surfing pays off :-) I thought we had 'lost' you guys when our Xmas card got returned to sender. Your girls are adorable...what a cute family! And congrats on #3 on the way! (I'm due with #3 in Sept). How is Dave liking PT? Trevor has tried a bunch of different settings and is ready to open his own clinic (hopefully in the next year...we'll see). Anyway, so fun to catch up with you!