Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Barefoot at the Beach!

I am quite aware that for my wonderful family and friends who are still shoveling snow and fighting the cold, these pictures might be hard to see and I am truly sensitve to that. But, yes, it's true. Today, I took the girls to the beach for some much needed "free time to play." Although I was still in a sweatshirt, the girls insisted on wearing their swimsuits and jumping in the waves. The icey water made my toes cringe, but the girls didn't seem to mind at all. It truly was a wonderful afternoon and a great way to relax. Even though my body will not be swimsuit ready by summer, my toes can always be beach ready. Today, they were right where they wanted to be..


Tanner Family Blog said...

I woke up today to the pouring rain and grey skies! I wish we could have been there at the beach with you!!!! Then Truman could play in the ocean instead of the sink!

Allison Weenig said...

love the toes sexy mama!