Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Our Trip To Kona:

The girls loved walking out an seeing the smaller airplane that took us to Kona
Shaved Ice is always a must when in Hawaii

Jenna and Tyler on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving with my parent's friends overlooking Captain Cook's island. (Yes that is the ocean in the background)
My parents at Thanksgiving with Victoria and my niece, Ela

Eating at Bubba Gump's

The girls learned the hula

David and I did baptisms for the dead at the Kona temple. It is really small, but very beautiful

Every beach had such different sand. This beach was not sand at all, just pure shells. It was amazing.

Victoria getting ready to snorkel. She snorkeled with David every day. She would put her hand around his neck and he would swim her all over the ocean.

Jocelyn chillin in the pool.

Waikaloa Beach! The shoreline was breathtaking!
I finally found malasadas. It is the best little Hawaiian dounut filled with cream I've ever had! This made my trip.
Walking through an underground lava tube. It was made from lava a long time ago.

Checking out the volcano
Rainbow Falls
My brother Todd, Lauren and Ela
My brother Cory, with the girls
Our family after church, My mom made the matching outfits for the kids
Tyler eating sand
The girls were so excited to finally get to Hawaii
The view of the ocean (that we kayaked across)from Captain Cook's monument
Tyler passed out in the kayak. He is soaking wet and
The girls loved riding in the kayaks
Just finishing kayaking in the Pacific Ocean
David and I went with our kids and my family to Kona, Hawaii for the week of Thanksgiving. Hence why I haven't written in so long. It takes forever to pack for everyone and then recover when you get back, plus I was really sick before we left. We went with my parents, my brother Todd and his wife Lauren and their daughter, my brother Cory, and my sister Jenna. Hawaii is a very different place. There is so much contrast between the black lava rock and lush green landscapse. It is very dramatic to look at. The beaches all have different sand and the views are amazing. We had such a wonderful time, and are all trying to adjust to life back home in Vista! Traveling with three kids wasn't easy, but I know we made memories that the girls will remember for a long time. Victoria overcame her fears and became an avid snorkeler with her dad. Jocelyn learned to be strong even when the waves knocked her down. Tyler learned that eating sand does in fact make you constipated (soo sick!) and I learned that I can relax even with three kids!


The Badger family said...

How fun! I am jelous. I don't think I remember you telling me you were going to Hawaii. That must have been a great trip. I hope all is well with you guys. I miss you.

Shaunna said...

Those pictures are beautiful! Looks like a lot of fun. I love Hawaii. Hey I need your address to send a Christmas card. Just send it to my email at Thanks

Makenna said...

Those sandy diapers are the best! Sad to say - I kinda miss good sand here in Arizona to eat it guess!

Sondra said...

Looks like you and your family had a WONDERFUL time. The Hawaiian culture is very different and very interesting. The prison that I work in houses Hawaiian inmates and I have learned many things about the Hawaiians and Hawaii. I would love to be able to visit Hawaii some day. Glad you guys made it back safely. said...

I am SO happy for you. YOU guys all deserved that. It has been a busy time. Hopefully we can catch up soon. Your pictures are adorable. :)

Marcie said...

What an amazing trip that you will always remember! It was fun to see some of the same places we visited when there as newlyweds. (We were living on Oahu and Mike was attending BYUH). You look so lovely and happier than ever. :)

Elizabeth said...

looks like your trip was great! So glad you got to spend Thanksgiving in HAWAII with family! We sure miss you! Love ya! loved the pictures!

annie said...

Looks like soooo much fun! You're a trooper for kayaking with everyone too- what an awesome experience! :o)

queenieweenie said...

I am so jealous right now!

Looks like the PERFECT Thanksgiving!

Baby Sath said...

That really was an amazing trip. Was it expensive? I really like the beaches of hawaii. That really made me a green eyed monster...Its really amazing how you and your family is in tact.

Hope you can visit my blog to check out my story.

Rachel Gillie said...

Sounds like a fun Thanksgiving. I remember the matching outfits your mom used to make us. The purple striped ones for my birthday party to Knott's. Ah the memories!

Mike and Amie said...

What an awesome trip! The sunshine sure looks wonderful...oh boy...17 months left till SUNSHINE ALL THE TIME!!
Love you Leanna! Thanks for sharing your trip with us!
Merry Christmas!