Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

All of us on the stairs...tired, sad, and ready for a shower.

Our backyard with the shed that David worked in...which looks just like the house.

The girls looking out from their secret cubby that connected to their huge closet.

The beautiful arches in the girls upstairs playroom and bedroom
The tile work in the girl's bedroom of our house.
The front of our house
The sunset from our home. We loved watching the sun set while we ate on the patio or roasted marshmallows in our firepit.

Our fireplace mantle
Our country kitchen
The last two loads of our stuff to go to storage.

I had all these plans of posting exciting things for December, such as taking the girls to see Santa, celebrating our anniversary, celebrating both the girl's birthdays and fun pictures of Christmas. Little did I know that most of the month would be filled with packing boxes, feelings of pure exhaustion, and showers only when REALLY needed. Here we are, now January 2nd, fully moved out of our beautiful home and into my parents house. Our stuff is all packed away in three storage units and we are living out of suitcases and boxes. Why, you may ask? Well, at the beginning of December, we finally found out that our offer (that we made back in August) was finally accepted on our first home. It is a short sale, so we were prepared to not hear for a while, but we were not prepared to hear the month of December. It is such a busy and fun time for our family, so we knew throwing a move in there would be a real challenge. But, like I said at the beginning of this long BLOG post, we are not in our new home, we are at my parents. The house we are moving into needs TONS of work and it is not possible to live there and work on it at the same time. We also need to save money this month. So, while we wait for escrow to close (January 15th we hope....we know it's risky....but feel this is the right thing to do) and while we fix up the house, we will be staying down the street at my parent's. We are hoping it will not take too long, but you never know.
I had no idea the amount of emotions this move would cause for me, David, the girls, and even Tyler. We LOVE the home we have lived in for the past two years. Even though we did not own it, we have loved living there. It wasn't just a house, with four walls and a rental truly was our home and leaving has been really hard. Our landlord, next door neighbor, fellow ward member, and builder of the home, Alan, was sad to see us go. He built this home for his family. They had four of their seven children there and moved next door to their very big home once it was done. We have loved living there. We have made so many memories there and when we turned in our keys December 31st, it was very sad. We are excited to move on and finally buy our first home....but we know the challenges with that are lurking right around the corner. We will miss our little French cottage and so I thought I would post some pictures of our last day there.


Anonymous said...

WHOA - it took the bank 4 months to respond to your offer??!! Did you give up, even forgot about it, and then out of the blue you were made aware of it's acceptance?

queenieweenie said...

Well....congratulations on the new house! Moving during Christmas-wow.

Thinking of you guys.

Fellars Family said...

That was a great house! I can't wait to see your new house. I know you will make it beautiful.


Leanna, Congrats on the new home! This is Julia from BYU Freshman year. I'm excited that you have a blog. Come check mine out, too. Love you and your cute family!

Julie Isa said...

Change is difficult. I can't imagine how I'm going to feel leaving this house. Your post brought tears to my eyes thinking about it. I wish I would've known what was going on in your iife, I would've brought dinner. Take care and congratulations on your new home.

Marcie said...

That was a darling house. Congrats on your new one that will surely be lovely too- sorry about the crazy December!

Elizabeth said...

we will pray that everything goes well for the 15th! Thinking of you...and wishing you were here instead! :)Change is hard and I know how much you guys loved that house and the views!! Hang in is exciting that you are starting a new chapter in your lives.

Mike and Amie said...

Yeah! That means you will still be in SD when we get home! I am so excited for you (and me!).

Jess said...

AAAHhhh The castle in the clouds. That was an awesome house. But really you're the one who always makes evry house you're in such a nice home. I know your new house will be just as awesome. Miss you guys!!!