Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tyler Has Changed

Tyler loves my mom's dishwasher
Look Mom, I can crawl now
He loves his bath and will stay in there for ever!

My boys!

Tyler at Sea World!

Many people have said they haven't seen any pictures of Tyler in a long time. Well, here he is at 8 1/2 months. He is 23 pounds, eats anything he can, has fully weened himself and loves his bottle, just started crawling and pulling up on furniture on Friday, finally sleeps through most nights, loves his sister's to make him laugh, loves to touch people's faces, gives great hugs, loves to be kissed, and the biggest thing I've noticed lately is that he has this look in his eyes of no fear, of curiosity and the longing to be crazy.....he just can't move that fast yet. I am enjoying this new crawling stage for as long as possible, because once he is faster...my calm days with Tyler are over.


Julie Isa said...

Oh yes they are! Enjoy it while you can. I can't believe how fast they grow up! Makes you want another! JK not yet anyway! btw...Shawn's not passin' out anymore compliments :)

Baby Jayne's said...

Tyler is so cute! We had so much fun seeing you guys. Great work on the house! It will be so wonderful when you're done. You guys can do it!!

Raadgep Fam said...

I cant believe how much hes grown up! Just remember cabnet locks, once you have cabnets again!

Elizabeth said...

Oh he is so dang cute! I love seeing him in those cute clothes!! Where did you get them? Miss you terribly!

queenieweenie said...

those cheeks are so cute and squishy!

love them.

Calee said...

Ooh Leanna - he is PRECIOUS. I can't believe he's so big!! Time really flies.

I miss you guys :) Tell your girls I say Hi.

xo - Calee

Steph said...

What a cutie! We need to get together!

Jessica said...

Oh he is cute! How's the house coming?

Marcie said...

What a cutie. Melanie does not want to sit anymore! She either wants to be standing up against something and cruising or in my arms. It's cute, but difficult to get things done! It was good to see you on Sunday- even though it was from afar! You are so talented and I wish I could play the harp too! Your playing is gorgeous!