Thursday, February 5, 2009

I am alive.....just barely!

Sitting on the mantle watching David work and giving Tyler a bottle. He has decided to wean himself this month......what timing
View from the mantle in the family room into the kitchen

Kitchen with torn out ceiling into the dining room

Kitchen Wall with no more yucky moldy cabinets

David and our friend Robert ripping out the old light box in the kitchen to raise up the ceiling

Demolition is a great way to take out your agression....David has punched many holes so far

Trying to demo red clay tile is a nightmare. It took my brother and David a really long time to do this!

We took out the 20 year old tub and got a great deal on a new one

The garage is filled with old cabinets, countertops and lots of tile

The girls don't want to keep a purple room...think we are going pink

So it has been a month since I posted last....and so much has happend. We did finally close escrow on January 28th. It was supposed to be on the 15th but because of the first time home buyer funds we were using from the county of San Diego...everything got delayed. We were very excited though to qualify for that program, which gave us enough to put down on the house and even be able to fix it up.

We have been staying at my parent's home, which has been great, but crazy. With my parents, sister, the dog, my grandparents who live in an apartment attached to my parent's home, my brother Cory who came home from Africa and needed a place to stay for a week, and my elderly grandmother that came and needed full care for a week, it is a FULL house! Living out of suitcases is not ideal, but great for the girls, because they only have so many options for clothes to year. I had to go shopping because I couldn't stand just wearing the same pair of jeans every day.

The girls are having a blast and don't understand why we aren't going to stay here forever.....and that brings us to the house. The reason why they want to stay at Mimi's forever is because they don't like the new house. They think it is ugly and that we should knock the whole thing down and start if you are wondering.....we are still going through a HUGE adjustment period with the girls.

What was going to start out as a few small housing projects has turned into a big remodel. We started demolition this last week...which was fun, tiring, painful, and hard all at the same time.We are so lucky to have so many people around us that have helped with plumbing, electrical, drywall, etc. The biggest bummer was that we now have to redo the bathrooms. When David pushed on the shower tile, and the tiles fell off and the drywall crumbled beneath them, we knew we couldn't shower there any more

The exciting thing is that this house (still with very vivid unpleasant memories of the people that used to live there) really feels like it is becomming a home.

I haven't really been able to even sit down and think. We have had so much to do, I feel like I am in survial mode....doing what is needed, just to get by.

I hope I can be better about new posts and the progress we are making on the house.


Jess said...

Hang in there Leanna. If anyone can do this it's you guys. It will all be worth it, and the girls will adjust sooner than you think.Wish I could come punch holes with David!!

Fellars Family said...

I can't wait to see the house when it is all done. I know it will be beautiful. I wish I was there to help out. Talk to you soon!

Sarah said...

Wow, what an awesome journey! You guys will do great and just think, this house will be the home that you want it to be with all the renovations! It will be well worth it.

Elizabeth said...

WoW! Looks like a fun project! I am so glad you posted this! I hope you will survive! Just come visit me whenever! ;) As for the holes David punched..well he is really good at that!!!! I can remember the holes that he left in the house we grew up in...Maybe you better check the closets...heheee love you!! Call me anytime

The Ericksons said...

Hi Leanna...I can see that you are really busy. Remodeling is always crazy. I'm trying to reconnect with old friends and found you and Lauren and Alice. Check out my blog at
Good luck with the house and your cute family.--Julia

Hazen5 said...

Boy, you have been busy! I don't even recognize the house anymore. I can't wait to see the "After" pictures!

Mike and Amie said...

I was so happy to see that thing were "going"! Thanks for the update! I look forward to watching the process!
It will be beautiful!!

Raadgep Fam said...

Ohh my gosh! Gesh thats alot to deal with! remember somehow to get out and just go with your hubby once a week. Doesnt matter where just as long as you get a chance to hold a hand or sneak a kiss or just drive and be together! Building or remodleing a house can be very stressful on a marriage. Good luck but it looks like its going well. Remember also young women can babysit!