Thursday, November 8, 2007

Fun Holiday Craft To Make With Your Kids

Our little preschool group made these cools shirts. Wherever we go that the girls were them, people ask about them.
So, grab your cheapest dark, solid colored t-shirts. Have your friend with a vinyl printer, print out whatever you want to go on the shirts. The bigger the letters the better (and not to thick either).
Take the vinyl letters and stick really well on the shirt. I did each of the kid's names ahead of time and let them do the shapes. I went over everything with a spatula while each shirt was on a wood cutting board.
Take the shirts outside and lay on grass. Spray with a mixture of bleach and water. When they dry, take the letters off and wash! That's It. The kids loved it!


Allison Weenig said...


I'm so glad you're blogging and we can keep in touch. Your family is missed in our ward. When ya movin'back? Congrats on the baby sure have cute ones! Keep blogging-it's a fabulous way to journal.


Hazen5 said...

Hey you! So glad we got to visit at the Play Group! The girl's are growing up too fast. Perfect time to have another!

The Badger family said...

What a cute idea. I will think about doing that with Alyssa. I heard from my sister that you gave an excellent talk in church the other day. She said she felt the spirit very strong and was moved to tears.
I hope all is well.
I miss ya.

Elizabeth and Scott said...

Hey SIS!! So...You still haven't told me how to do these slide show things!! Cute pics! I love reading your blogs!!
miss you...Sure you don't want to come and visit??
Give girls XXOO

justbeyou said...

Hey foxy,

Look at you doing all the fancy stuff on your blog. Love the music selections.I'll have to check up on you more often!

Love your Auntie