Friday, November 7, 2008

Time To Be Strong

I just finished reading the article on about the protest at the Los Angeles Temple yesterday. I couldn't believe how many people (over 5000) turned up to protest the passing of proposition 8. On the page of the article, click on the photos in the middle of the page to see the hate that surrounded Santa Monica Blvd and the horrible signs that were posted....many against Mormons. I guess the Mormon religion is the main target for the protests, because the church raised the most money for the support of Proposition 8 and it's members make up 2% of California's population.
Click here to read about the protest at the temple and see the pictures from the protest.
Click here to read the statement from the LDS church about the protest.
It's really sad we've come to this. This is a time to be strong.

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queenieweenie said...

yea...I'm even getting the "hate" on my blog! go figure.