Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Victoria as Dorothy
Tyler as the scarecrow
Jocelyn as the witch
My Wizard of Oz gang

David with his parents and Tyler at our Trunck-or-Treat

David and I (we really need some good costume ideas)

My sister-in-law, Lauren and I
Our family
David's sister Colleen and Tyler

So, for Halloween our ward did a trunk-or-treat which was great. There was an awesome turnout and the girls got plenty of candy. Afterwards, Victoria and Jocelyn still wanted to knock on someones door, so David and I took them to Shadowridge to David's sister's neighborhood and they had a blast with their cousins. They got so much candy...it was crazy. Victoria has already had two pulpotomies (baby root canals) so David and I really don't let candy, fruit snacks, soda, and other junk food stay for long in our house...so we knew we needed to do something about all the candy from Halloween. So, for the second year, the Candy Fairy came to our home. The girls got to pick out 15 pieces and put in a bag with their name on it. They left out all their other candy. In the morning they were so excited to see no HUGE bags of candy, just wrappers left from the fairy (and no we didn't eat it all...I actually just took the girls wrappers out of the trash) the new Tinkerbell movie to share and each girl got a plastic dinosaur....weird I know, but they really like those plastic animals. So, it was a great Halloween...and we are excited for Thanksgiving (which we will be celebrating in Kona Hawaii this year......can't wait)


Elizabeth said...

I wish the Candy Fairy came to our house! For some reason, Scott and I feel COMPELLED to eat the candy too! :) After I threw out all the "NO NO" sticky candy..like laffy taffy, and tootsie rolls, we let them pick 20 pieces..:) and then I tossed all the rest! Loved the pics..I do think you guys looked great!

kjehansen said...

The costumes are great! Can't wait to get together.