Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Family Home Evening

If we move, I will miss this mantle. It has so much personality and is so fun to decorate.
My Mom with Victoria and Jocelyn on our front porch after they carved their pumpkins.
Jocelyn with her pumpkin (which does have a heart shaped nose) and her "Indian" mask she made.
My sister Jenna and I. She is 15 and a freshman in High School. Do we look alike? I'm trying to figure that out.

The girls and I after our pumpkins are all carved and it's time for bed.

Tyler is sitting up! Scary thought since he will be five months on the 30th.

David and Tori carving a pumpkin for Tyler.

My Mom and sister with the girls.
I love this baby.....
My kids....Cute, Crazy, Constant, Colorful and Creative.

Last night, I had my parents and sister over for dinner. They have really helped me out with the kids a lot lately, so I wanted to make a nice dinner and carve our pumpkins. I made THIS health yummy dinner from one of my favorite websites with a salad and really good salsa from Frazier Farms and then we frosted sugar cookies and carved pumpkins. I love the fall time, just wish it wasn't so HOT here.


Makenna said...

I know what you mean about it being hot! It just isnt right that it is so warm....dosent help get me in the holiday spirit!

We did pumpkins last night too....the boys loved it!

Mike and Amie said...

You have got to come do fall with me next year! (It will be our last one before we come home!) It is so fun! There are Ciders Mills, You pick Berry farms, Pumpkin patches, Corn Mazed (Huge one!) I could go on and on!
Your Halloween festivities looked so fun. Tyler and the girls are amazing!
And as far as you and Jenna looking alike...I think there is a bit of a resemblance. I think we'll be able to tell better when she has a few more years one her.
You are both BEAUTIFUL!
Love ya LeeLee!

Sarah said...

You and your sister look alike! Your facial structures are very similar, but I'm sure the hair color throws everyone off. When I was growing up, my friends asked me "is that your sister?" whenever they saw another redheaded girl. And they were serious. Come on, people! We actually DO look alike, it's not just the hair! :)

Just be...... said...

Love the photos!! Joy looks like she's your sister( how does she stay so young))
O.k. Risa wants to know where you get all the coupon codes. She is miss online shopper. By the time I got to your blog the one she wanted had expired.
Tyler is so cute, I can't believe I haven't seen him yet.


Elizabeth said...

So fun FHE! We painted ours this year.couldn't do the carvings..blake wanted to cut things! Ha! You look great Le! YOu have already lost that baby weight!not fair! :) miss you guys Tyler is stinking cute! And I think he is starting to look like you...not David anymore..(don't tell him that:)) loved the cute "scarey" pics of the girls with their pumpkins!

Pat, Kt,Charlie said...

you have such a cute family! good job on the pumpkins!

Danna said...

How can Jenna be in High School! :) Enjoy the heat, we had snow flurrys yesterday. I am FREEZING!!! We did our pumpkins on Tuesday! Fun mess! (inside mess too):) And as a very weird side note your mom was in my dream last night, funny hu! I miss working with her, tell her I said hi!

Brooke said...

OH MY! Your little Tyler is SO completely adorable. I think he looks so much like Dave too! As for you and Jenna? The only thing I think looks alike for you two are your eyes.

kjehansen said...

What a fun FHE. I can't believe how big Tyler is! And, I don't think you and Jenna look alike, although you are both very talented!

Raadgep Fam said...

So cute, I love how your mom is so involved! So cute!