Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Once A Boy Scout....Always a Boy Scout

David has just finished the Wood Badge Boy Scout Training (a total of 6 days and four nights). It was hard to have him gone, but totally worth it to him and for his calling as Scout Commitee Chair. I think he enjoyed it more than he is telling me because he knows how stressed I was while he was gone. Here are the top five reasons you know your husband had an AWESOME time at Scout Trainig Camp:

5. He came home and ironed his own scout shirt.

4. He's wants to buy one of these and that.

3. He sang us the entire Oh My Darling Clementine with a southern drawl. (What a strange song with strange lyrics).

4. Our opening song for Family Home Evening last night was Battle Hymn of the Republic, requested by David (the girls love the chorus which he already taught them at bedtime the other evening).

Drumroll please.........

And the number 1 reason you know your husband had an awesome time at camp:

1. He's already planning his next level of Scout Training (and yes it is more overnighters). YiPee!

I love you David and do support you in your calling. I just think you had more fun then you want me to know. I'm glad you got to go and learn so much!


Jack Attack said...

Aaron is the same way. He has worked with the scouting and youth programs for the past 6 years and loves going on the campouts and working on the merit badges. He was so sad when they called him as EQ Pres b/c that meant he couldn't go on the campout this yeear.

julie isa said...

LOVE it! thanks for sharing!

queenieweenie said...

gotta love it!

Fellars Family said...

That will be great for Tyler when he gets older and into Scouts. What a blessing for your ward too, a great scout leader can make a huge difference!

Elizabeth said...

Oh the Joys of Scouting! Just you wait Leanna when you get to be a den leader too! I think David even liked it more as an adult leader than as a young scout! Haha!

Lamont and Melissa Larsen said...

I heard wood badge training is some hard core scouting - good for him! We are trying to plan our YW in Excellence right now, cute theme.