Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Great Website Finds!

I am rededicating myself to following my WEIGHT WATCHERS points so I can lose these last 15 pounds and I wanted to share one of my favorite websites. Even if you don't follow weight watchers, this website lists all the calories (and) from foods at all restuarants. You will not believe how many places are listed here. It is amazing to see how much you are actually eating at your favorite place! You will be soo surprised. Maybe you don't care about calories when you go out to eat, but it's fun to look. Enjoy it:
Also, Children's PLace is having a great clearance right now: I also found a coupon code online for an additional 15% off: HAA8.

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The Badger family said...

Thanks for the childrens place tip. I just bought my kids some winter stuff for a great deal.