Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Girls Weekend

This past weekend, I flew to Oregon with my mom, my sister Jenna and baby Tyler. We stayed at my aunt and uncle's beautiful home in Portalnd (thanks Nathan and Rachel). Portland is a beautiful city and Oregon has the most amazing landscape. We went to see my uncle's play Prometheus that was finally produced by a small playhouse there. It was so excited to see what my uncle Dave has worked on for the past fourteen years actually on a stage with real performers, live music, and great costumes. His play is called Prometheus (click on the word and hear clips from the original CD) and about his journey as he creates man and tries to give them fire and help them survive from Zeus. It is a beautiful musical and I am glad I got to see it. Hopefully it will be on Broadway one day soon....

It was great to get a break from home life and get away with my mom and sister. Tyler was awesome and didn't hardly make a peep all weekend! I feel truly blessed to have such a wonderful husband who let me go and great family support that helped him out.


Tanner Family Blog said...


We miss you guys!
It was so much fun to see you, and have a girls weekend (plus Tyler, Nathan and Truman)!
I seriously miss my little buddy! I was thinking about him today when I was trying to put Lucy to sleep - wishing she could hold a cozy by her face to fall asleep!
It's so hard to live far away because the kids grow and change so quickly!
We love you guys!

queenieweenie said...

How fun! Weekends away from regular life are needed and necessary! Especially with three little ones at home. I bet it was nice to get away and just enjoy your sweet new baby. He is adorable!

Elizabeth said...

I am so glad you had a wonderful trip! and Tyler, well, he is an know..Boys ROCK! :)

Just be...... said...

Wish we could of been there with you!! He is getting so big!!
You look great, what extra 15 pounds?????