Sunday, June 28, 2009

Days Twenty Six and Twenty Seven

Friday and Saturday:
The last two days have been CRAZY! The girls had their big dress rehersal and recital for their dance show. Last fall they started dancing at Katharine's Academy of Dance here in Vista. It is a great studio full of wonderful girls and fun moms. Both Victoria and Jocelyn have learned so much this year and are turning into wonderful little dancers. I was not prepared though for the extent of detail Miss Kathie wanted for the recital. Here is an example of all the extras: recital earings, hair piece for Victoria's tap dance, different tights for each dance, new ballet shoes for each girl, nex jazz shoes for Tori, the right shades of eye makeup and lipstick, hairnets, hair pins vs. bobby pins, two different types of buns for different dances, gloves, socks, headbands, attending a seminar to learn how to do the hair and makeup, and paying for extra dance classes for the DADDY/DAUGHTER dance. The dance with Victoria's class and all the Dad's was amazing and made me cry! The two months of rehersals paid off and their Hercules dance was a hit! WE ALL made it through and it turned out to be an AMAZING show!

Jocelyn ready to do her tap number to: The Little Duece Coupe
Victoria with her FAKE curls (which she loves) for her tap dance.

David and Victoria waiting to go on stage for their Daddy Daughter Hercules Dance.


Shawn said...

Craig & I are so bummed! We knew there was a recital but forgot it was this weekend! Please send me a ticket in advance next year so I don't miss another one of David's performances!

Mike and Amie said...

We need video! 3 of my girls in Primary just did a dance show and I took Katie and Anna with me to see it. I have a better idea at the serious nature of this costume and makeup thing! Wow! It looks like a lot of work! But, the girls sure have a blast! I look forward to seeing them perform next year! Miss you!!

Elizabeth said...

Oh man! I would have flown out to see Victoria and David dance I think! A big Hurrah! to my little Bro! :) What a great sport you are! And just think, with 3 boys...I am missing out on all that girlie drama! I think I will let you endure-I mean enjoy it! ;) Cute pic of Jocey!!

Elizabeth said...

Oh! I too need video!!

Trina said...

So adorable! Congrats on making it through all that. LOVE this pics!