Monday, June 29, 2009

Day Twenty Nine

Monday's Miracle:

So, I missed yesterdays post. I was totally going to write about Jocelyn's adorable talk in Primary and our nice dinner at my parent's house celebrating Father's Day with them, and then I didn't. This time I have a great excuse. I actually slipped and fell at my parent's house on the hardwood floors, while holding Tyler, and banged up my elbow and sliced my big toe open. It is really painful and I can't put any pressure on it. It really sucks, but at least I fell on my elbows and protected my baby. It could have been really bad if I landed on him, or he fell and hit is head. So, I am grateful for that, but it still is a bummer to be in this much pain for just one toe. I cut through the whole calloused part of my toe. David had to clean it out last night. It was horrible. Guess no gym for me this week.....

So for today, I just wanted to post a sweet picture that Jocelyn drew for me. It says I love you Mom. She did her "M's" upside down and the "O" at the end instead of the middle. She knows how to write "MOM" but she likes to do her letters in her own just have to get her to decode it for you. BUT it proves that even our most challenging child really does love us. I found this picture today while going through stacks of papers all over my house. It almost made me cry, just because we have been going through a pretty rough patch with her and both David and I have really been struggling on how to help her. She doesn't like that she is not the oldest, and that she doesn't get all the attention that Tyler gets. I realized, after I saw this picture today, that Jocelyn does love her Mommy, even if I am mean and not fair. I love her too, and know that we can get through this! Hope your Monday was wonderful!

I just opened her dance pictures. She really does look sweet. I will look at this picture every day to remind me.


Elizabeth said...

Sorry to hear about your sliced toe! That does hurt for sure! You didn't need stitches huh? Remember when Matthew cut his toe at Powell? and had to have stitches? :)
Jocelyn is really a sweetheart and isn't nice when we are reminded to "breathe" and love them>? :)

Fellars Family said...

Ow! I hope everything heals fast and you feel better too.

Thanks for the message on my birthday. I can't wait to see you in a month.