Monday, June 1, 2009

Day 1

Monday's Miracle:

My Mother, Joy
Made my birthday weekend by watching all my kids for two nights!
Means the world to me.

What a great way to start the week...having had a wonderful weekend to relax and enjoy my husband and celebrate my 30th birthday...which was on the 30th. After our two peaceful nights alone, we surprised the kids and took them to the Grand Pacific Palisades in Carlsbad so they could celebrate with us....since it is Tyler's birthday to.

Here We Are!

My boys couldn't be without their phone or computer

We walked across the street from the hotel and went to Legoland for the last hour of the day...why not it's free.

The kids were so excited to stay in a hotel. We don't do this very much...hardly ever, so it was a big deal for them

Breakfast at my favorite place in the whole world...The Beach Break in Oceanside. I had crunch french toast with fresh whipped cream and blackberries.....and the tangerine juice is awesome!

Hope your Monday is wonderful....What's your Monday's Miracle?


Mike and Amie said...

It was beyond wonderful talking with you last night! I look forward to many future talks (on the beach in San Diego!). Remembering breakfasts at the Beach Break made me homesick!! Miss you, love you and sure would like to to hug you too!! Have a fantastic day!!

Elizabeth said...

SO glad you had your special weekend for your awesome 30th birthday! I am behind on the 30 day challenge..:) but good for you!! Love the pics

queenieweenie said...

Happy Birthday Girl! I'm so glad you got to go away and enjoy some quality "couple" time.

Lady P said...

Josh and I got married at the GPP - I love that place! Happy belated birthday to you and Tyler!

Lady P said...

And to David!