Saturday, June 6, 2009

Day Six

Super Saturday

Today was crazy and fun at the same time! I didn't have to play my harp today, so I cleaned, exercised, ran errands and then we went to the beach. David's brother is here from Utah. We don't see their family very often. It was great to see them. We hung out at the beach and then they came back to our house for dinner.
It was exciting because Kevin got to help David mount our new T.V. It was kind of a ceremonious event. They both put on matching jump suits (really funny) and worked together to mount our T.V. from the ceiling. The people that lived in the house before us, marbled the entire wall and fireplace. We were concerned about how to mount a T.V. through marble, so David decided to buy a ceiling mount. He had to make his own metal adapter to connect it to. I was so impressed. He and his brother put up our T.V. I feel like our family room is almost complete. Although I wish I was looking outside my kitchen window and seeing a huge play set for the kids, I know we will all enjoy this new addition to our family. David made this metal adapter all by himself! I am so impressed!
David really was excited to has bis brother here to help him, since we don't see him very much. The matching jump suits were hillarious!

Daivd, Kevin, and his nephew Trevor hanging the T.V. It was a scary, breath-stopping moment for the guys. :)

Our living room...and yes that is clean laundry piled high on the table....I guess no one else is going to fold it for me.


Elizabeth said...

What a ceremonious day for David!!! I loved to jumpsuits! Boy! Do I wish I could have been there to see those..:) What a hoot. So glad you got to do some awesome things while they were there. Love the laundry there too...looks like my house! :)David looks like he isn't going to go anywhere now. Men and their TV's!

queenieweenie said...

red jumpsuits are super sexy.

Sarah said...

I am laughing sooo hard at the matching jumpsuits, it's totally something my brothers would do, too! And since we decided to mount our tv on the wall (about 8 months ago), I swore I would never go back. It looks so good. I'm glad you guys did it too!