Sunday, June 14, 2009

Day Thirteen

Super Saturaday:
Even though it is Sunday, I am doing my post for Saturday. Yesterday was a busy day with no time for blogging. I had to go to Victoria's dance seminar about how to do her hair and make-up for the show...very particular! I then got ready and was gone for the next six hours playing at two weddings: one in Valley Center and one in Rancho Sante Fe. It was great to have two weddings, but it does make for a long day. David was a trouper with all the kids. I know he looks forward to Saturdays when I don't have to play so that we can keep getting projects done around the house. is wonderful I can do what I do and that he supports me. There were a lot of firsts yesterday. When I think I've seen I've seen it all, something will always surprise me. Here are a few things that happened:
1. it was my first wedding all in spanish without an english translation
2. first to have a bride and groom not even look at eachother the whole time during the ceremony
3. there was a groomsman wearing jeans with his suitcoat.
4. a very large man rolled down the hill because he fell off his chair in the front row while trying to take a video of the ceremony
5. the minister had the bride/groom sign the marriage certificate during the ceremony and then took off even before the wedding party had walked back down the isle
6. i have never played right by a lake surrounded by 20,000 s.f. houses.
7. i played for a bride who's family is all from India. All the women wore their beautiful ceremony dresses.
8. first time I have ever been asked to dress modestly for a ceremony. The bridemaids and brides all had sleeves on their dress. I guess it's not just a mormom thing.

After my weddings, I came home, changed my clothes and took my girls to watch the clogging show in Vista. Both my sister, and David's nieces performed in it. It really was fun and the girls loved spending time with just me.Victoria and Jocelyn with their cousins Jenna and Taryn Hervey

The girls with my sister, Jenna who has been clogging for eight years.


Fellars Family said...

Wow! What a busy, but fun day.

Elizabeth said...

That wedding sounded very interesting! You have plenty of stories to tell for sure! Cute pics of the girls...seeing them makes me way excited to see you guys! Can't wait!

Mike and Amie said...

Good times! Hearing of your adventures makes me wish I was there to hear them in person! I miss you!
About the Indian wedding...we went to one in a Mosque here in MI (MI has the highest # of Muslims in the country!) it was so beautiful! The bride wore red and Mike was told ahead to make sure my arms and legs were covered. I love learning about other cultures and it sounds like you had a beautiful first hand experience with India! Have a wonderful week! I can hardly wait to check your updates! Love you!
-Amie said...

I was laughing SO hard about the man rolling down the hill.... especially with the description you gave me earlier :) I would have loved to photograph Is that mean?