Monday, June 22, 2009

Days Nineteen,Twenty & Twenty One

"Mom, I really love my bow tie, that's not why I'm crying!"
I've got to get rid of the pacifier connecter....
David looking skinny with his new tool belt (he had lost at least 15 pound! Way to go honey!)
I always like a butt shot
David and the girls

Thoughts from the weekend:
This weekend was crazy for us. We had a birthday party for a friend, dance pictures for both the girls (which I have learned are really a HUGE deal for this studio) a wedding, a party for David's friend, Father's Day, church and a dinner at David's sister's house. I feel like the last three days really just blended together, because there was so much going on. It was nice yesterday morning to be home and enjoy the quiet morning. I made yummy triple berry french toast (which I will post tomorrow) and the girls gave David a few presents. He was wanted a tool belt ever since we started our house project. Now that we are done with the hard work, he finally got his belt. He loves it though. Victoria made him a tie out of paper, which we wore proudly to church yesterday!
Tyler had a rough day...cutting a few teeth at the same time. But I have to say that the bow tie my grandma bought him is really cute. My 12 year old cousin (maybe he's not 12?) has started selling bow ties. He has a sewer and picks out his fabrics. They are really great quality and Tyler looked so stinkin cute at church, despite his bad mood! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and Father's Day.

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Christian and Karina said...

I love that bow tie, how do I get one!!!