Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Day Nine

Taste of Tuesday:

I do not have a picture of this recipe, but it is what David is eating on his birthday. This is his favorite dessert. I have been making it since we were at BYU. It is dangerous...just to warn you. It doesn't even have a name, so I guess I'll call it: Devil's Cake:
Here is what you need:
1 box devil's food cake mix
1 large box instant chocolate pudding (make up and have in the fridge)
1 large container coolwhip
1 can of Hershey's syrup (the small can with the yellow lid)
A few Skor bars, or Heath Bars

1. Cook cake in 13x9 pan according to package directions.
2. When cake comes out of oven, stab with a fork several times to break it up. It will be hot, so watch out!
3. Pour a thin layer of Hershey's syrup over entire cake. Let coo.
4. When cake is cool, layer in your favorite glass trifle bowl (or any bowl):
layer of cake, layer of chocolate pudding, layer of cool whip, layer of skor bar chunks.
5. Repeat until you run out of stuff. Top with a good drizzle of Hershey's syrup over the top.

This is a beautiful dessert and great to serve in nice clear cups. We had a large family party. I doubled everything and served it in my mom's crystal punch bowl! It was so heavy, but awesome for a large crowd and a great centerpiece on the dessert table!



Trina said...

Yum! Can't wait to make. I know I have this recipe and need to make it!

Elizabeth said...

Yum! So that is what I want for my bday! :)I am making a request for the Devils Cake!Oh..btw I made the Honey Bun cake and it was delicious! You are right about having to share it, or you will eat it all yourself!

Mike and Amie said...

Your killin me with this recipe! It sounds so good! I'm gonna make it on... fast Sunday!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Leanna! How are ya??? Just saw this post and that cake is "Better Than Sex" cake. Sorry for the vulgar name but seriously, that's what they call it. Funny eh? Ask Dave if it fits :-)
You just inspired me to make it - I actually forgot about it! Thanks...and keep in touch...

xcdenke said...

When I we were at BYU my roommates and I called it better than sex cake. That's debatable now. LOL Thanks for posting the recipe.

Happy Belated B-day Dave!

xcdenke said...

Whoops, I meant "we". I hate spelling errors! UGH!