Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day Eighteen

Victoria trying to give me the thumbs up!
The girls were so excited to each have their own 5 dollars!

Thursday's Thoughts:

Today was really a turning point for all of us. The last few times the girls have gotten their teeth cleaned.....let's just say it has been a nightmare. The sad part is that my mom is our dental hygentist. She is really good at what she does. However, the girls have seen her as the DEVIL TEETH CLEANER. The office my mom works for in Rancho Bernardo is really for the older crowd. The only kids that have their teeth cleaned there are my kids. We have to go in at lunch, as to not scare the old grandma getting fit for her dentures in the chair next to my mom's.

I was secretly dreading today...the tears, the screams, the, "I can't do this Mommy," and the, "I am just so sensitive Mommy," stuff.

Walking in to the office today was different! They were amazing. No fears, just good teeth cleaning going on!

Maybe it's that their older...or maybe because my mom bribed them each with 5 dollars if they would be brave and not cry for the 5 things she had to do to their teeth!

IT WORKED! It was amazing! It was brilliant.....I wonder how many years she will be giving them money to keep quiet..Maybe I should try it at home.


Danna said...

I would not cry if I just got to go to your mom still, and your uncle. Most anything dental will make me cry, but your fam has the knack! :)

Cicely said...

What! I LOOOOOOOVED going to have your mom cleaning my teeth? Not everyone does? Astounding! LOL