Friday, June 5, 2009

Day Five

Favorite Friday Find:

I have really been trying to save money when I grocery shop. I thought I did a pretty good job until I started reading about moms feeding their family of five for 40$ a week. I am still learning, but have some great websites I'd like to share with you about how to do so. Every week there are posts to Target, Walgreen,and CVS and what's the best deal. A lot of the stuff ends up being free. I have learned that Target takes Target and Manufactures coupons. You can print a lot of coupons online and this website tells you where to find them. Another website, this lady also includes deals at Rite Aid! Super Cool. If anyone else has any great money saving resources, please let me know!
Have a great Friday (she has a lot of stores on her blog I don't use, but I just scroll through her info to see what I want)
also, everyday I check to see what are some of the best deals all over the web.
Lastly, my sister-in-law sent me this website with all the birthday freebies in one place: It is so cool! David and I ate for free our whole birthday weekend!


queenieweenie said...

thanks for the tips!

Angela said...

Try this site:

It is my favorite! Thanks for posting the sites you love too! I am excited about being more thrifty and saving wherever I can!

Sarah said...

there are so many out there it can be overwhelming!
One I like to use is

Mike and Amie said...

I could improve in the coupon department too. I just refuse to use coupons for things that I don't regularly purchase and I have realized that I am a bit of a snob when it comes to certain brands. I need to figure out how to get coupons for the items I use. I've actually noticed that if I shop in the produce department at the beginning of my grocery store visit I can get out of the store way cheaper and with a lot healthier items. The other way I have tried to be more frugal is make sure that I shop with a list that I have created from a menu plan. Thanks for the tips!