Monday, June 22, 2009

Day Twenty Two

Miracle of Monday:
Even though school ended on Wednesday, I feel like today marks the first day of summer for us. All the girls want to do is swim, but there are lots of things I have to get done to. So, I really need to work on finding a balance for everything that we want to do during the summer and the things I HAVE to do, like balance the checkbook, call brides and work on wedding contracts, grocery shop, take a shower, etc.
Today started off as I thought it might, the girls just wanting to watch TV all morning while I got all my HAVE TO DO stuff done. I decided that is not how I wanted to start the summer. We turned off the TV, Victoria practiced her piano (all by herself), the girls practiced some writing, they actually played in their room, and made a craft while Tyler was sleeping.
After that, they got their swimsuits on and we headed to Legoland for the last hour of the day, which is FREE. We went straight to the water play area and the kids had a blast, especially since they had friends here (Tracy and her kids) from Arizona.
It turned out to be a wonderful start of summer. I think a little organization will help me out. It is a miracle when I get all my HAVE TO DO stuff done and my kids are happy (and tired) at the end of the day. I also booked three bride appointments for weddings. That's pretty good for one day.
Jocelyn loves being in a swimsuit. She would wear one all the time if I let her.
Tori and her friend, Alyssa loving the water sprayer

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