Thursday, June 4, 2009

Day Four

Thoughts on Thursday:

Moving in to this house has been so challenging, but wonderful at the same time. We are finally starting to feel that everything inside is almost done, hung up, put away, and organized. The OUTSIDE is a very different story. We bought this house with almost completely dead landscape. For over .5 acre, that's a lot of DEAD! It overwhelms me to go outside, just because I know that we can't afford to fix that yet. I wish I had grass, I wish I had plants, and I wish that the sprinklers worked...but they don't! Today I learned a great lesson from my beautiful four-year-old daughter, Jocelyn. At the bottom of our property, we have a few trees that started blooming, despite the lack of water they receive. Almost overnight, one of the trees, much to our surprise has started growing these beautiful red apples. It is amazing to watch how fast the tree has filled up with them. We have several fruit trees, but all the fruit is not great. However, this tree has wonderful apples and I actually stopped and took a few minutes today to pick them with Jocelyn. Her excitement made me excited. She couldn't help but feel over joyed, even when her bucket only had ten, very small, yet very delicious apples in them. Today I realize how negative I am some times....and how positive my children are. Children see the good and we need to praise them for that. So, although most of the vegetation around me is dead (or severely struggling), I need to enjoy the APPLES. When LIFE hands you apples amongst the weeds, be thankful for them and realize what a blessing they are.


Elizabeth said...

Leanna! Enjoy those "apples" they are only around for a season! If we don't they will be gone so fast! our children grow up so fast! Can't wait to see you soon...and so glad you figured out the photo layout! :) isn't hard and you will love it!

Trina said...

I love the pictures!! Tell me how you did it! Jocelyn is adorable! Jayne can't wait to come play. Great lesson.