Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Day 3

What's Wonderful About Wednesday:

Today was a great day. Thanks to my wonderful mother, she again watched two of my children for the entire day so that I could accompany Victoria to Lego Land with her kindergarten class. I haven't been able to help much this year or go on any field trips, because of Tyler, so I knew I didn't want to miss this exciting day. We used to go a lot when the girls were little and we occasionally show up for the last hour (because it's free), but just to spend a whole day there with my six-year-old (and no stroller or diapers to change), was awesome! We went on several rides and really had a blast. I learned today, that I need to spend more time with each of my children separately. They each deserve my undivided attention once in a while. I am going to do better about having mommy-and-me time. Victoria just loved having me to herself and really enjoyed her day! Yeah for memories made today at Lego Land!

Victoria and I

This ride just goes up and down and makes your stomach drop. All the poor kids from her class (and my friend Melissa, the mom in the middle) were screaming.

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Trina said...

So fun! So glad you could do that! That is wonderful. Looking forward to getting the girls together to play next week. (and us too!)